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My Buddy Gets Ready for Detroit Pro


Thought I'd post up some pics of Amit Sapir, my training Partner and coach. He is a former trainee of Christian's, so I thought this would be a good place to introduce him.

A bit about Amit: he is a former Olympic lifter from Israel. He injured his shoulder preparing for the Olympics in 2002; he then took up bodybuilding and powerlifting. He is Mr. Israel for the years 2005-2008; in 2008 he took Mr. Israel and the overall, and became a pro in the IFBB. That same year he finished 4th in the Mr. Europe competition; and the following year he won the Israel national powerlifting championships.

He is now 1 week out from the Detroit 202 Showdown and fully depleted. He hopes to qualify for the Olympia 202 Showdown; if he does not, he will participate in the Olympia lb-for-lb strongest bodybuilder competition.


Another pic


Let's try a different pic, lol.






His upper body is sick, I just don't really like his structure. Long torso and those short legs just looks funky. Maybe he just needs more lower body mass to even that out.


I just had a feeling this thread was going to be about Amit haha.


Paul, you know Amit?

He`s suffering a lot right now. I think his structure is great.


Where does he train out of? Any chance convincing him to join T Nation? I'm sure his advice would be valuable if he has the time for it.


x2. Those delts look amazing. Would be nice to know some of his stats like height, weight etc. not critical, just nice to know.


Michiganders? Where do you guys train?


Sexxxton, I frequently travel between US and Israel so we have some mutual friends. Amit's a good guy talked to him a few times and I'm sure he's going to go make some big moves!


That's one solid looking dude!

Needs a tan though haha.


His upper traps look huge in his back lat spread. I also see what Way was saying... his torso is really long so he would need more leg size to not look top heavy (i think thats whats a little off? Or it could be the angle of the pics?)

Either way he looks great. Good luck to him and I hope he does really well


Looking thick. Definetly my ideal physique. How tall is he? I'm guessing between 5'5 and 5'8?


Seriously thick. While it's always harder to tell without a tan and with poor lighting, I'd be curious as to how his structure would compare with top 202 guys like Henry or English. Obviously his lower half would pale somewhat in comparison with those freaks, but who wouldn't -lol. Best of luck to him this weekend!



@ xanderbuilt: Amit is residing in Canada right now -- Victoria, BC. He is married to a Canadian and awaiting his citizenship. For now he is representing Israel. He is training at the University of Victoria, which is an awesome facility. Once Amit is not severely depleted (lol!) he would be happy to contribute to T Nation. Amit is 5'5" and at peak (trough, lol) depletion he was 190. He is currently stripping water and then with carb-up he hopes to compete around 193-195.

@ Paul: cool! Amit is following this thread. He appreciates the support!

@ gregron: One great thing about this depletion (glass half full) is that Amit realizes he has a HUGE amount of play next time when he bulks: he's got at least 7 lbs. of muscle he can add. He knows that his quads could have more sweep, and he will be working on that. He has awesome traps from all the Olympic lifting and powerlifting he did. Just so everyone knows: he does not believe in doing shrugs or any direct trap work!

@ Stu -- thanks bro! Follow your Spring build up thread, always enjoyable.

Another thing I just have to say: Amit only started training arms 8 months ago! Pretty amazing.


That's awesome. Thank you. We wish him well, hope he see's great success in Canada/USA.


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Thanks bro. He landed in Detroit today. He's tired, but pretty psyched. It's cool to see Gee's progress on here. Should be a very competitive show.