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My Brother's Spine


I don't know how this cat is still walking with a spine so fucked up. I was just looking at his most recent X-Ray, and one of his discs is crushed completely and the ones in his chest are facing opposite directions.
He carries on his routine like nothing's wrong. I just seen him squat a 500 x 3 with no complaints

I'll try to scan the thing to show how messed up it is asap.

question though

is it possible to have such core strength that a jacked up spine takes a backseat? Anyone ever seen this?


Are these weight training related injuries?


My sisters leg.


the initial injury was football related and had been corrected. We got the xray after his physical and were curious as to how he is pretty much pain free.


The ones in his chest? What?

There are no discs in anyone's chest, so I'm assuming you mean his thoracic vertebrae....