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My (Brief) TRIBEX Story


I am so glad to see TRIBEX make a comeback. I gave Alpha Male a serious shot and didn't respond (probably b/c I'm a young guy), but TRIBEX was like money in the bank.

There are studies that show Tribulus to increase male fertility and enchance libido. Whenever I read something like that I dismiss it as BS sales pitching, but it's no joke! Truth be told, my girlfriend has always had a serious problem with her fertility cycles to the point where her doctor told her when she decides to have children she'll need fertility medication. Well, suffice to say, on a TRIBEX cycle in Feb. 04 I proved the doctors wrong. Before TRIBEX, I was Lou, but after TRIBEX, now I'm daddy..


Wouldn't that mean you had the fertility problem?

Either way, congratulations!


I hate to be that guy, but why are you so happy to get your girlfriend pregnant? However MegaMan seems very excited.

Anyhow, just goes to show that you have to find what works for you and there isn't one product that works flawlessly for everyone. I guess this will create the same questions as Power Drive vs. Spike.


Does this mean he forcefed his girl TRIBEX? This guy is Biotest's customer of the decade.


Am I missing something? Your girlfriend had fertility problems, so YOU took TRIBEX and now she's pregnant? Your post defies all logic. BTW, if she's your girlfriend and you claim to still be young, WTF are you trying to have kids for?


I am not understanding how this works. But hey congratulations anyway. I did see gains in my size strength and libido with tribulis. But I wouldnt feed it to my chick....


Chuck Norris had something to do with this and she's just not telling you.


I think we all must be missing something. LOL. That's one funny post though, no?


Yeah, and it ended with a roundhouse kick into a glacier.

Love the WWCND crap.


Ironically, I had a similar situation as MegaMan. :wink:

My testing came back normal for fertility, but I had used some Tribestan years back and all of the sudden the Mrs. comes up with a bun in the oven. And yes, for all you dopes, he's mine. From the look of him you've never guess my wife was even involved. 100% DH jr., clear down to the short but well defined claves. Ha!

Perhaps the improved motility etc... that quality trib can create is enough to slip one past the goalie, even if he's playing rough.

Who knows? Not I.



Obviously TRIBEX turned Lou into a specimen of superior masculinity. A Mega-Man if you will. TRIBEX increased his fertility to the point where he was able to compensate for his girlfriend's fertility issues. Furthermore due to the head start she's had, I'm sure his daughter will be deadlifting 3x bodyweight in no time.


Congrats, man! Being a dad (3 times over for me) is one of the greatest things in life.

You haven't lived until you watch your boys wrestle with each other! :slight_smile: