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My Breakfast is Offensive to Others!


It's been a staple diet for me during my body transformation (last 6 months).It was my friend during my fatloss days and now has become an integral part of my mass gaining diet.

However it is starting to cause some very real friction here at home with the people I live with. (I am boarding)
EGGS- Great BB food with all the essentual amino acids.Couple this with 1 cup of oatmeal cinnamon and some blueberries and you have a great breakfast fit for any bodybuilder.

The problem is eggs fucking stink! (eggwhites to be precise) I'll admit it myself, it's rotten and it even tastes like shit as I need to mix no fat salsa with it just in order to stomach it without gagging!

The very tollerent people I live with are starting to crack....Waking up every f@cking morning to this foul smell that would be inapropriate to describe is really starting to take its toll on them!
Surely you guys know what I'm saying.

What can I do about it?

Can I mix something with it to mask this foul odour?

I have been getting it out of the mic and running outside to stir it and it still stinks the house out.
I don't want to give up my eggwhites!

I'm not prepared to substitute with a inferior WPI shake.

What can I do ???


Boil em and eat them outside?


I dunno what eggwhites your using, but mine sure as hell dont smell. You need to make sure those arent like years expired or something. And they don't taste terrible, they taste like almost nothing. Why not just mix 1 or 2 regular eggs with 1 or 2 egg whites? Seriously though, I've never ever heard a comment about egg smell unless they were rotten or old.


I eat egg whites raw in a shake every morning. I've been doing so for a couple years with no problems.

Here's the recipe:
1/2 cup of non-fat milk
1/2 cup of fruit juice
1 scoop of organic peanut butter
1 scoop of organic pumpkin puree (great source of fiber and vitamin A)
1/2 cup of frozen fruit (usually strawberries or blueberries)
1 scoop of protein powder
1/3 cup of egg whites with omega-3
3 tablespoons of olive oil (you won't be able to taste it at all, trust me. It just adds about 360 calories)
3 tablespoons of coffee beans (I NEED the caffeine)
1 or two multivitamins
I add a scoop or two of non-fat yogurt if I'm out of milk or peanut butter

Blend all of this together and slam it down. Tastes pretty decent. I usually lift in the evenings so I have dinner afterwards, but if I lift in the morning, I'll have a small bowl of granola or quinoa with milk before hand and drink a shake afterwards. If I'm out of egg whites, I just dump three raw eggs into the blender instead, yolk included. Sometimes I substitute a scoop or two of organic fruit jam in place of the pumpkin.


eat yer damn yolks... and try frying them or boiling them like a normal person.


Precision nutrition omelets are awesome and they don't stink.


Eat a real egg. They're good for you.

Here's some articles I happened to have bookmarked:





Put them all into a Shaker......... drink it raw.

Job done.

And eggs are not meant to stink........... how old are they LOL


Are these emu eggs or chicken eggs? Whatever you do don't use rabbit eggs. They taste like shit.


Hahaha, that hit me just right.

OP, like some said, eat the whole egg. And no, they shouldn't stink.


The eggwhites I've been eating come frozen in a 1 Litre carton and I put 260ml into a bowl and mix 1 whole egg in for some fat and nutrients.
They are always well before the "use by" date and they have always tasted/smelt bad and I just assumed all you hardcore BB MF's just slamed that shit down!

I'm a stong believer in buying free range eggs but it just got to expensive and I was giving most of the yolks to my dogs (much to their delight).
It's the only brand available here as I live in a country town. I'd use the whole eggs but I'm limiting my fat to around 85g per day and 16g of that come from fish oil alone and 24g are in my pre sleep (2T Nat peanut butter+cottage cheese).

Precision Nutrition omletes sound great but they aren't available here in Oz.
I read that drinking it uncooked can give you food poisoning... Been there,done that, not good for building muscle!


Nah I'm not vegetarian.


Dunno i have been drinking raw eggs for 3 weeks now and they are grand you get used to it after the 1st week just fly down in one go now.


I'm not a fan of drinking my meals as this has no metobolic value. I'll drink it as a convenience option every now and then and of course PWO but I like to eat my food to keep the fat gains minimal. I'm a former fatty so I need to take care whilst gaining weight.

And really... I thought that shit was a bunch of BS that started from Rocky and stuck like shit to a blanket. Do people still really do this?


They stink because you're microwaving them. Like some have said, fry them in a pan and they don't smell.


Precision Nutrition is a cookbook by John Berardi BTW.


As I say to a inspiring bodybuilder friend when he get protein shakes with 4 scoops "Hey, if you wanna get big right?"
So yes.


Thanks, I'll do that tommorow. Hopefully they taste better too!
It takes me about an hour to cook and eat my breaky as 1 cup of oats and 3 oz blueberries expands to a huge meal and is a marathon to finish.I have just microwaved it in the past to save as much time as possible.


That sounds nasty. Cook them in a pan. I have eggs every morning and unless I burn them they don't stink. Microwaving most food stinks and this sounds really awful. Just use a pan and some PAM nonstick spray.

How expensive are real eggs in Australia? They are $2.25 a dozen here for cage free, vegetarian fed eggs, high omega 3. Why aren't you just eating whole eggs either? 2 eggs is only 140 calories.