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My Bowels are on the Loose

Quick fiber question. Have no problems in that department but I was wondering that if I started taking metamucil or some fiber supplement a few times a day, will I become “dependent” on it. For example I have friends that have to take Nyquil or what have you in order to sleep. Totally different processes yes but you can see my point. I don’t want to get “hooked” on this new found fiber. What anyone’s take on this?

You won’t get hooked on it like you NEED it to take a poo, but once you get used to the totaly perfect 5 pound one wipe poo that you can only get from metamucil, you might never want to go back.

This is pretty funny. No, you won’t get hooked!

Aside from any psychological addiction you might develop from frequent trips to drops some kids of at the pool, you are not going to develop any dependancy on these products.

Unless you have to take metamucil, I would rather see you get a large amount of fiber from a variety of whole foods. Eat a bag of frozen veggies, a can of beans, some mixed nuts, oatmeal and some fruit and you will easily meet your fiber needs without resorting to metamucil.

Ok, Jefe the comment, the 5 lbs one wipe poo has my neighbors wondering what the hell I’m laughing out loud about.

Follow up - What is the recommended dosage for fiber a day? I hear 40 g

jefe - LOL, that was a great comment

Recommended fiber range is at least 25g a day, but I think 40+ is better. The more you eat, the more fiber you should eat and most likely will eat.

Someone posted this on another thread. Check it out: www.colonblow.com

They promise that the result will be “rope-like”…