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My Bodybuilding Progress So far

Hey guys, I just wanted to make a new thread to record my progress. Honestly all of these pictures are a little old and outdated but it gives basic ideas. I started off really far back so I am just happy to be at the point I am now.


This was after chronic sickness and fully grown at my same height. I really had no more growing to do age wise so it was all just training. I see a lot of pics of people from 14- 18 years old, and your still naturally just growing at that point. I was fully grown and 120lbs because of illness.

120 to 195ish

Here was 12 months of that.

Here I lost 6 inches off my waist , gained 3 inches on my shoulders , 5 on my chest and 1 on my thigh. When I lost fat a lot of it came off my thighs so they shrunk and I had to rebuild them.

Here was 7 months some where in there to a little past the last 12 month photo. I added mass here in my shoulders for depth, triceps and biceps. Most of the arm improvement is probably tricep mass . My forearm also increased as well, probably now almost as big as my arm in the left pic lol.

About a month before my left pic was taken my arm was completely flat, I wish I had that one.

Good progress so far man. Be proud of that.

You are doing great, and while gains may slow down a bit from here on out keep at it. Another few years will net you tremendous results. Good work so far, and keep it up.

Sick arms dude.

What were you sick with if you don’t mind me asking?

That 12 month progression photo is unreal. Amazing change. Arms look very impressive.

What what your routine like in that year?

[quote]Brett620 wrote:
What what your routine like in that year?[/quote]

I vary a lot but always hit muscles twice a week. This article I wrote is about my "fallback " routine . I always got good results from it and so did the people I train.

[quote]RATTLEHEAD wrote:
Sick arms dude.

What were you sick with if you don’t mind me asking?[/quote]

A chronic stomach problem , I could not hold food down no matter what I tried and vomited basically every day. I eventually had a surgery to physically correct it by “tightening” the top of my stomach , but because of that could not vomit or burp for A LONG TIME.

How long did it take you to go from 120 to 190? What was your diet like during that time? How much of that time were you actually training?