My Bodybuilding Journey

Hello my name is Craig Smith, I am 23 years of age and I am from Scotland. I have been Bodybuilding for 3 years, I began as I was severally underweight and needed to fill out but now I am looking to compete and want to be a pro one day. I am looking to compete in classic physique April next year for my first show which I am taking the prep very serious for. On top of that I have a YouTube channel, I wasn’t consistent with it before but now I am as I have someone to help record me, so if anyone can show support that would be great! If you search up “Craig Smith Fitness” it will come up as the first channel.

. I am on off season but am staying lean and gaining good quality mass.

I am going to use this as a platform to blog my progress and to connect with others, any support that is shown is much appreciated and any constructive criticism of my physique is appreciated. Thanks guys

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Looks like you’re off to a good start! I’d suggest starting a log for people to follow. I’m sure Chris will help ya.

Looking solid. Best of luck to you.


Yeah I could use a bit of help with that never really done blogs before. But my whole idea with my YouTube channel is to get recordings up on a daily or ever second day basis as kinda a series leading into comp so people that haven’t experienced it or just are interested can see what it’s like in the final stages of the off season, the whole prep and the comp on the day. Find it easiest doing over video as my partner is now at the gym with me and walking around me with a camera all day lol, just thought it would be good to track for several reasons, 1 being I can see my progress, 2 others can gain experience from it without having to go through it themselves so when they do they have a good understanding and 3 because if I log it all with videos I won’t back out of comp and I will keep pushing and stay motivated to do my best

Thank you buddy much appreciated

Does your partner work out as well or just hold the camera?

Currently she just records, she had a bad back break a while ago so she’s been recovering. But once she is better she has been advised to exercise to strengthen the muscles around her erector spinae and lumbar l3. So as I am also a personal trainer I am going to be recording a trainers version of a series on YouTube coaching her on her weightlifting journey to benefit her and also to give the channel a different twist to it