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My Bodybuilding Glossary of Terms

I recently started my blog and I have added a rather tongue-in-cheek glossary of terms. Care to look. It will be expanded upon as time goes by, and I plan on adding several terms per week. If you have any ideas about what should be included, let me know.


and beef.
when using the word BEEF in this context BEEF is all caps.

question; guy at work; old; heart attack last year said his doctor told him salt is not a necessary nutrient
i thought salt was a necessary nutrient ,but why do doctors tell people to not use extra salt in their diet
but in the average americans diet iodine is in the salt

I’m amused :slight_smile:


Totally just guessing here, but I think it’s because MOST people eat a ton of processed and prepared foods, usually very high in sodium. For someone who exercises regularly and cooks most/all of their food, iodized salt is very important. I salt pretty much everything.

I keep a Salt Lick in my cage.


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yeah and you need a good amount of potassium along with your sodium, which the processed shit fails to provide. That’s when the sodium starts to mess with you.

Are you referring to beef, as in meat, or beef, as in hostility between people?

I like the suggestion but I am unsure if the slang form of beef is often used in the so-called fitness community.

Nutrition for Noobs Part I: What to Eat

and BEEF

Oh! :slight_smile: I get it now.

have not watched podcast yet but read the other stuff you are on my bookmark list
i read alot
now back to salt question