My Body Recomp. Suffered from Low T

I am a 27 year old guy that trains since 10years. You guys will be shocked when you see my bad body pictures!!
Till 22/23 i was huge 84kg with low bf%, and people guessed i would take roids.
Then suddenly my private live took a hit, and i fell into a bit of depression and hard times. My body changed totally. I got fat and weak at the gym. My testosterone was very low at a couple of blood tests. Always between 2.5 and 3.5ng/ml. My doctor wanted to give me testosterone gel, but i was to scared of taking it. I then started a diet, which left me as a weak skinny fat guy at 70kg on 178cm.
I went to the gym for the last 3-4yrs without 1% progress on weights or musclemass. Its so frustrating. I dont have this agression or pump like when i was young 18-22yrs old.
Now i want to optimize my hormone levels, and start with 200mg test every week.
The only 2 problems i have:

  • I take Finasteride 1mg daily since 6 months because i suffer from hairloss. Would this fin dosage be enough to safe me from hairloss?
  • I have short heart arrythmias since 10 years. 3 Cardiologist tested me, and found nothing to worry about my heart. Could this heart prolbem still be dangerous for my testosterone plan?

Can somebody look at my current blood test, and tell me how much benefit these 200mg could bring me? I think my testosterone went up a lot because of the finasteride.
Here are the blood levels (my values are on the right white boxes).

Here are some pictures of my ugly physique:

What kind of arrhythmia? Like PVC or something more worrysome like v-tach or afib. Why do you have arrhythmias, the majority of the populace experience the occasional PVC/PAC, they’re usually rather benign. If you’re getting bouts of v-tach as a result of a congenital heart defect you should probably go back to your doc.

Well… Screwing with hormonal conversion pathways (in this case 5a reductase) can induce a cascade of deleterious long term rammifications. Downstream neurological effects can be profound. Long term finasteride use is also associated with the development of hypogonadism within a small subset of users. Look up PFS.

Granted you’ve had these problems for longer than 6 months. I’d suggest getting a comprehensive checkup to evaluate what the cause of low TT/FT is and whether associated hypogonadism is primary/secondary (if any can be found that is, sometimes these issues can be purely idiopathic in nature :frowning: ) you may very well require TRT, but that’s a convo for you and your doc… I’m not an expert.

Physique doesn’t look too bad btw. You don’t look like a bodybuilder, but you def look somewhat athletic/sporty/lean. Far better than the avg sedentary male.

Another question in relation to this

Have you ever taken anabolic steroids (or pro-hormones/sarms, they all induce the same negative feedback loop)

Could anybody look at my blood labs? I think my t levels are not that low anymore. Still i dont have any pump or agression at the gym. I feel weak, and its impossoble to build muscle for me. Is my e2 already to high, and would it spike above the chart with a trt?
Can i benefit from 150-200 a week at my hormone levels?

Test is low and e2 is low. You could probably benefit from replacement

How is my e2 low?!? Maybe you looked at the wrong column. My results are on the far right. I circled the column with red.

Yep, you’re right. I looked at the first column, didn’t see the last one in the original pic.

Anyway, to answer your question, no it is not too high

How much test per week would i need to get the most benefit with the lowest risk?
My total and free levels are not that bad in this recent blood test, but still i feel weak and kind of low t.

I have no way of knowing that. Start low, get regular bloodwork, adjust until you feel good

200mg/week is a pretty standard replacement dose especially for those looking to get the most out of it.

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