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My Body and I Don't Seem to Agree


I love total body workouts. There, I said it. I love them. Working my entire body until it screams in pain and then pissing it off by doing a bit more is fun to me. It makes it so my routines are not boring to me as well.

Squats, deadlifts, bench, abs, sprints, cardio all in 1 session. If varies day to day but those are the core sets. Arms are done every 2 days or so along with the rest of the body.

However, I dropped to 197. I am around 12pct body fat. I can't seem to break it and I wonder if my diet is off.

I intake around 2300-2400cal a day and keep my carb count to sub 200 and usually hovers between 150-200.

Now, here is the kicker...I work in a hot kitchen 8 hours a day on my feet. This expends calories like no other. I also have an urge every now and then to snack on random crap which I know I need to elimiate.

My average day goes:

Breakfast > TB workout + 15min rope + 15 min hit + 15 min swim (if time allows).
I take a pre and a during that consist of whey + sugar (fruit or sugar + aminos)
About an hour or 2 after my work out I have an oatmeal based bar or whole wheat bread and chicken breast + some veg.

I have not lost anything even after going on Cytolean for a month. The thermos felt nice but I just couldn't break it.

I am starting to think that for my lifestyle I may need to increase my caloric intake. What do you guys think?

1.5 hours of gym time + 8 hours of almost manual labor a day. I am at the gym 6 days a week as well (not all of it is heavy lifting though, 1 day lift, 1 day cardio etc etc)

So lost right now. Akuma and I got together but we couldn't really figure anything out. Looking for some help.


Total body is great man, most people here don't do it b/c it doesn't fit into their goals-- but there is nothing wrong with it.

A few questions. How old are you and what is your height? How long have you been on your current diet?

If you have been on the same eating routine for awhile, it maybe something so simple as changing it. Maybe you could try carb cycling to jump start that fat burning process again. Are you eating carbs close to bed time? Try taking OUT some of the activites you are doing, and doing say the swimming on an active rest day in the morning. Get out the old food log book and write down what you're eating, maybe you are consuming more than you thought...

If that is a picture of you in your avatar, you look a little lower than 12% to me. I'm not an expert on fat loss by any means, just shooting some ideas to you :wink:


Try a pulse fast to kick start it.



Yea, that was me a few weeks ago. I am going to do 3 days a week of weights + 3 days of cardio/stretching and 1 day off. This may help recovery a bit.

And LR, what do you mean by Pulse fast? I am not familiar with that term at all...


You've got it wrong. KEEP SNACKING... don't cut anything out... 2400 calories a day, who eats that? A small woman?


it's that simple...

oh... and get stronger... a lot stronger.


A pulse fast? Sounds like a crock of shit to me.


Really? So then what is it? Or are you just calling it a crock of shit because you've never heard that term before and therefore it couldn't possibly be legitimate?

To the OP, I have one word for you: EAT. The idiotic dietitians and nutritionists that design public health guidelines are, quite frankly, very out of touch with what constitutes sound nutrition, especially for active individuals for yourself. 2400 kcals isn't enough food for someone doing half of what you do. Play around with your total calories and macros until you find something that works, and don't be afraid to gain a little bit of fat.

Let us know how it goes!


NOW youre talking too much.

You post right before this one was completely retarded also. Kid wants to lose weight and youre telling him to snack on food during work.

Stop giving advice until you know what the fuck youre talking about. No one is born with knowledge like they are born with strength. So STFU until someone asks for your opinion or you can back up what you say with personal experience


Are you doing 3 days a week because you think that's a nice number to do? Or are you doing 3 days a week because you genuinely physically would be fucked if you did any more?

If it's the former and not the latter, do more days.


1 No rows or anything for your back? Eh.

2 You're saying that you're losing weight, with TBT, HiiT and manual labor job, and ASKING if you should eat more?


I don't know why someone who weighs 197 pounds if he GENUINELY has 12 percent bodyfat would want to lose weight?

Unless he's not actually 12%

why, what's the point?

12% is fairly lean...


1 you're hilarious

2 OP wants to lose weight? K, makes more sense.


Who are you to say what someone else should do with their body?

Youre annoying. You dont know what youre talking about. Start a blog if you want to post irrelevant thoughts.


I'm curious, if you're not losing body fat yet are taking in so few calories while burning so many are you noticing huge muscle loss? And how often do you measure body fat or are you doing it soley by judgement. In which case you may be making progress but just don't know it as you're burning fat from places you don't really notice first.

To quote Dave Tate: "When you're getting lean it's a little awkward because there are blind spots where you're losing weight but you look worse. It's like the chicken growing inside the egg. It looks the same on the outside but there's a lot of shit going on inside."


drop tbt and split maybe? more weight time, less cardio. or if you insist on cardio, do more sprinting (if you can). I have this completely unfounded belief that if you sprint frequently enough, your body will regulate your weight to facilitate your speed.


I have been mia a few days to respond. But thanks for the input. I measured my body fat with a tape measurement test and cross ref'd it with a calipur test. The result was 11.5+-1pct. That's where I got 12pct from.

I also do upright rows for my back as well as hanging push ups and a ton of pull ups, nikki. I don't leave my back out.
As far as getting stronger...I don't really think that is necessary for me. I can dumbell bench 110, squat 405, deadlift 375, do 50 pushups non stop and 30+ pullups non stop. I don't see any reason to get bigger. I would like to simply maintain my muscle mass while cutting down below 10pct.

That picture in my avatar is me. You guys can judge it and I would love the feed back.

As far as cardio I run an 8ish minute mile and have been able to jump rope for 30min or longer at one time.

I simply feel that my body weight is not wear I want it to be. Somone at my size should put up bigger numbers, but like I said...I want balance. Speed, strength, flexibility, cardio etc. My days off are spent still being active. Skateing, running at the beach, punching bag and recently freerunning.

I took a log of last week and was intaking about 2900 a day. Mostly eggs/grains/fish/chicken.

Edit: I was wondering if I should eat more only because not eating enough would slow my metabolism down too much.

I do 3 days of total body and add in yoga/pilates/cardio hiit between the days. Doing total body every day isn't great. I might have to change up my routine a bit.

I am thinking of calorie cycling as akin to carb cycling...don't know how it will work but I can give it a shot.


so you normally ate 2400 calories and went up to 2900? or did you cut down to 2400 when you started dieting and took in 2900 to try to fix your metabolism?


I cut to 2400ish when I went from 207 to 197. I went back up to 2900 to see what would happen and the result was no gain and no loss. Basically just reset. This week I am dropping to 2200 to see where it gets me


Didn't want to try the pulse fast huh? It's relatively cheap, and providing great results, just look around the forums. You'd be able to kickstart you metabolism and fat loss in 1 day while keeping your calories @ 2900 after the fast day.

One thing I do recommend though, is double your training volume the 2-4 days after the fast, even if it means training 2+ hours. Just make sure your peri-workout nutrition is tight.


Honestly, you'll see noticeable changes in the 2-4 days after the fast, almost to the point where you think your eyes are playing tricks on you.



I'd say that's pretty accurate. You're still a bit soft in the love-handle area, which makes you look a bit softer all over. How much fruit do you eat? And what is you basic macro breakdown?

That DL looks really low in comparison to your other lifts, and upright rows are really more of a shoulder movement. 110lbs DB bench equates to somewhere around 250lb BB bench, so the squat is a bit higher than normal, but the DL just seems too low. How much rowing (minus the uprights) do you do in comparison to your horizontal pressing?

EDIT: I'm not talking about bodyweight, either. With a 250lb bench press, you should be able to bent row 250 for at least five reps.

Meh. Chasing so many rabbits at once... Your body doesn't have unlimited resources. To be 'balanced' regarding speed, strength, and cardio (I assume you mean distance running) means you'll likely not be great at any of them.

Pick what you really want to excel at, and give it everything you have. Don't be a spork.