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My BMI = Health Risk


According to Yahoo:
Your starting weight 175lbs
Your goal weight 200lbs
Your Height 5'7"

Analysis of your current weight
Your current weight is higher than the scientifically established norms. You should weigh no more than 159.2 pounds. Your current weight corresponds to a body mass index (BMI) of 27.

Analysis of your target weight
Your target weight is 200 pounds.
You already weigh more than the scientifically established physical norms, but yet you wish to gain weight. This is unwise, particularly because of the extra burden it would place on your heart. Given your height, your target weight should be no higher than 159.2 pounds.

Under the circumstances, we cannot accept an order for a weight-gain diet plan. For the sake of your health we recommend that you discuss this with your doctor who will be able to offer you further information and advice.


yea I am on the road for work bored in a hotel room and I thought this was pretty funny. I like that it says "scientifically established norms"

well my goal is to be "obese" by the end of summer with some hardwork I think i can get close


Dont feel bad right now I am severly overweight...funny thing is I feel pretty damn good!


this has been discussed in other threads, just fyi if you want to look for it.


T-Nation members are mainly proud to be obese or overweight. Look up the other thread recently about this.


I'm a fatass by their standards aswell,so are most of the posters here


I just went to yahoo and they told me the same thing. I then changed my goals so I am trying to lose weight. I'm 5'9" and 190 right now.
They had me put in my current diet and then analized it for me. According to them:
"Your food contains too much protein An excessive intake of protein increases the production of organic waste such as urea and uric acid (which can cause gout). In the long term, this could lead to kidney damage."
They also said I don't get enough carbs and that I should be eating 1850 cals/day.

I wish there was a section so that I could let them analize the fact that I'm taking creatine.


yea that would be great
we wonder why people have problems with their diets


ive read them,
i found this one funny because it "based on scientific established norms"
I am also proud to be overweight
thats why when people ask me what my goals are. i tell them to be obese