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My Bloody Valentine


Went and saw this movie tonight to check out the 3d technology. I was actually very impressed. The movie itself was an above action horror flick but the 3d technology was really cool. It didn't make me queasy or hurt my eyes at all and there was some nice subtile uses of it besides the eye balls flying out at you.

Oh and 3d boobs are better than old fashioned 2d boobs. I can't wait until they shoot porn so the audience will try and dodge the money shot.


ROFL. That movie honestly would suck without the 3d. Now put Jason or do Freddy Crougar in 3d, that would be awesome!


That was the worst movie I've seen in as long as I can remember.




I liked those Halloween movies with the dude from Wayne's World. Wait...that's the same guy, isn't it? They should do those in 3D.


the movie sucked.


haha I could just imagine all the sluts openings their mouths wide open instead of dodging it.


sucked my balls.


For all you guys that said it sucked I guess my standards for a horror movie are much much lower than yours.

I wish National Geographic would use this technology to film some coral reefs that would be cool. Or great white shark breaches.

Since the technology relies on the glasses could it be 3d if you watch it on a regular tv? I'm thinking it would since the movie theatre I went to is a couple decades old with no updates.


Err Freddy Krueger mb. lol k I messed up his last name shoot me.


He doesn't shoot, he chokes.

I've got messed up vision - long story, but I basically didn't use my eyes together at the same time until I was in college. My depth perception sucks. I have never been able to get a 3D movie or anything similar to "work" for me. I think this movie would probably make me sick.