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My Bloodwork - Should I Seek TRT?

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Your test is definetely low. First you’ve got to try find the reason. Seems your pituitary is not working well enough. Could be due to many different things.

I see some important tests missing - SHBG, Estradiol, Prolactine, T3, Reverse T3.

Your blood sugar is very high. How is your diet and body fat percentage?

My body fat percentage is around 12%, my diet is pretty healthy but I do eat some candy and diet drinks.

My blood sugar is very high? The Glucose test came back 105 with a range of 70-110?

Ya man my value is very similar. I mean its in range, but fasted should be less. It indicates something you are eating is not well tolerated by your digestive/insulin processes.

Now its more important to get the other values

My doctor never told me to do my blood work fasted. I never ate anything but did have a pre-workout about 2-3 hours before so that could of caused it to go up.

Yeah I emailed my doctor about the Pituitary being low, that freaks me out I was reading some of the causes and of course on WebMD brain tumor comes up, lol.

Dont worry, you don’t have a brain tumor because your prolactine is very optimal. Just in case you can make NMRi to be sure, there are very rare tumors that can secrete NO HORMONEs.

Most likely your pituitary is underactive because of the toxic environment we live in, unhealthy lifestyle or possible some trauma on the head you donnot remmeber or have not paid attention to it. Many people have some issue with the pituitary, I think one of every 6 statistically.

So chill and just continue to investigate. And don’t count on the doctor to find the answers for you.

I’m waiting to hear back from my doctor and see what he says. If he decides to do no follow up what do you recommend I do? I was going to go to a TRT clinic because it seems like the blood work they do is very thorough at least the one in Tampa, Defy.

I’m seeing high sodium on the blood which could be dehydration. Testosterone drives glucose into muscle tissue and improvement of insulin sensitivity is lost when testosterone is low in older men.

Just curious, which one is the Prolactine on my blood work?

My mistake, seems I’ve been looking at something else

Just an update for everybody my doctor did an MRI and no brain tumor but did see that my Pituitary Gland was flat which is known as Empty Sella Syndrome (ESS), so this is most likely the culprit for my Low-T and other test results. He also told me we will probally be starting Testosterone treatments soon but wants to do a couple of more follow up blood test before we start TRT, I have a follow up Tuesday for blood work so hopefully I should know than.

I was also diagnosed empty sella.

How big is yours? Mine is 3mm.

You also need to check prolactine in my mind.

He didn’t tell me how big nor did I think to ask.

Are you currently on TRT?

No, Im not. Im trying other ways to fix it.

The reason I ask is because if your prolactine is elevated this may be causing some of your symptoms. And in your NMR reading it should be written how big is the empty sella.

Just curious, have you been able to fix it if so what ways?

I have some improvement in testosterone but not optimal yet.

Basically I’m taking cabergoline and trying to cut weight. Now I will examine in details what is the situation with the thyroid because it may also cause sub-optimal LH levels.

You need to find out how big is your empty sella. Mine is small and doctors are not sure if it can affect the LH.