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My Bloodwork Results, Any New PCT Recommendations?

Here is my bloodwork everyone, it seems to me that my testosterone is better now than before pct but still is not back to its natural levels. The ALT and AST are high but when i asked, they are still normal if higher than the range by 2 to 3 times and triglycerides are high but possibly due to my recent weight gain but already working on that with a new diet and working out with a much more intense exercise routine. Any thoughts on possibly a new pct or see if my testosterone will rise back on its own? I have noticed a bit increase in libido but nothing to major. Thanks in advance!

TT at 278 is brutally low. So you successfully restarted but you’re low enough that it doesn’t make much of a difference. That’s a tough spot. How old are you? How many previous cycles?

26 and done two successfully before this one, i did start a little too young though at 24 with my first cycle. A new source of mine advised me that a new pct of clomid 50 for 4 weeks could help if any but just would like to hear your alls opinion first before i make any decisions. I know i started too young also i just learned that but thankfully my test had gone back up after those first two cycles with pct but this time around it didnt go so smooth.

Hey iron_yuppie, a friend of mine advised me to try clomid 50/50/25/25, that clomid is better for raising testosterone but i would think nolvadex 40/40/20/20 would be a better choice, whats your input on that? And should I wait a little on longer to see how my body reacts naturally or would it be fine to try another form of pct?

So Clomid monotherapy is used sometimes in place of TRT. Maybe look into what kind of protocols are being used successfully and then implement that.

Alright i was reading ksman hpta restart sticky and he talks about using nolva 12.5 mg for about 4-6 weeks and taper and cruise on anastrozole at 0.5 mg for a few weeks and taper. But before going at 0.5 mg he says to do 1.0-0.5 per week in divided doses eod, i dont know if he means during the nolva or after, I’m guessing during, and after tapering off nolva to do 0.5 mg per week and cruise on that then taper.

Hey iron_yuppie, so i went and got some tests done to check my prolactin and my testosterone. My testosterone is still the same at 276 but my prolactin is at 20 and the normal range is between 2-18 so im guessing my prolactin being high might be the culprit to keeping my test low