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My Bloodwork - Low LH and FSH


I went to the doctor, asked for a full lipid profile, rbc, wbc, estradiol, lh, fsh, progesteron, free test. I was told the Free test would be a good indicator of my baseline according to doc, so I didnt do total test so save money as he made it sound unnecessary.

Did I mess up here? My test results are below. Its polish, but should be understandable. I dont like the fact that both my free T, LH and FSH are on the low end of reference range.

Planning on doing turinabol, test e with clomid pct.
I dont feel fatigued, I work out good amount, now ED, 183cm, 20% bf, 86kg approx.

I appriciate all the help.

If I understand correctly you want to start a cycle, stop and then restart your HPTA using clomid at which point you’ll return to baseline.

Is this the plan?

The way I see it testosterone is low and TRT is a lifelong treatment for hypogonadism and therefore you don’t ever stop treatment.

Thank you for reply.

You are correct, I am thinking of starting a cycle on turinabol, test e and end with clomid. My confusion is wether the tests ive done are sufficient for understanding what my baseline of testo is? I only did free test and not total test.

All your tests indicate secondary hypogonadism, the FSH is almost always low alongside LH in hypogonadism. Now you may not be the worst case of low-T and may have just started to experience a symptom (ED).

Now the ED could be a symptom of overtraining.