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My Bloodwork After PCT. Problems

hi guys ik new here after second cycle Test E +dbol
this is my result bloodwork after 3week pct…
so this is some serious problem??
My Rbc is high even before steroid cycle i was high on rbc i dont know why!? any suggestion?
and my Fsh is good but my Lh is too high!?what can i do? take time or hcg or something like that ?!:thinking: my alt and ast is too high after 3 week pct?
i need some advice guys🙄!

I think you’re fine actually. Your RBC is barely out of range…no issue there unless it stays high or climbs.
Your ALT and AST could be elevated due to a number of factors including muscle damage. Do you work out? I bet you do. There’s also the obvious fact that you’ve used AAS to include DBOL…was it oral by chance? That would explain things as well.

I would relax and repeat these tests in 4 weeks. I bet everything will be fine with the possible exception of ALT and AST which may always come in high based on your workout routine and the timely of your blood draw.

ALT and AST are often thought of as markers for liver disease but and in a normal population of people it can be because most people don’t workout. It’s different for those of us that routinely damage our muscles with heavy workouts. Instead of typing forever I’ll just point you to this article that does an excellent job of explaining it.

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I agree with Yubs. Nothing here is alarming. LH being high means pct worked great and you’re probably still feeling the after effects. How long between your last pct drug was taken and the blood work?

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Yeah i use dbol as oral for 5 week …50 mg ED
for next bloodwork do i need repeat all of them or only Alt,Ast,Lh,Fsh will be enough?
And that article was great and help me alot😊

3 week after pct Ive done bloodwork
so i think its not enough time to my body back to the normal function