My Bloods Mid Test/Deca/Anadrol Cycle

I’ve been shooting deca and test for a little over a month now, max bench almost up 20kg body weight up almost 10kg things are clicking BUT
the first blood that I did the doctor did not order cholesterol levels so I was unaware of how bad they truly were until the second test week later and yes they are in the absolute gutter and I will do my best about it but what truly confuses me is prolactin, I took half a 0,5mg pil of pharma grade caber ( I mean that I took 0,25mg/) but that was 2 weeks before my 2nd blood test
I somewhat understand the low levels on the first test because it was one week after the caber but they are even lower NOW?
I’m shooting 450mg test 400mg deca and taking 75mg anadrol my tits should be milkable right now, is my deca possibly bunk?


I mean there’s always a chance your gear is fake. But Deca isn’t a guarantee for high PRL, and Caber has a long HL so it makes sense you’d see lower PRL for a couple weeks after taking it.

I’m getting another test on the 23th, any markers I can ask for other than prolactin and progesterone that can help indicate nandrolone use? I’ve read that it shows up as testosterone on tests so it’s very hard to know if your deca is real without sides

First of all…not everyone gets sides and/or all sides. For example with tren, i get sweatty when i take a nap, and i sweat more when i eat. Thats it. Maybe your body just works well on deca - enjoy.

How to know if deca is real? Well you know how you feel on just test. You know how you feel on test and anadrol. Now when added deca, do you make better gains?

I’d just test it.

But yeah, i could/should show up as TT on a standard test. Not sure what else you would check for

the thing is that I’ve been pinning test for almost 3 months now and I’ve only been pinning deca for 1 month
The gains plateaud from the test and anadrol after a quick surge of gains at the middle of month 2

I’ve read on moreplatesmoredates that myostatin levels spike around week 8 and you should come off then but I also read that myostatin goes back down after a few weeks , I added deca for that reason

first time doing nandrolone decanoate so around when one would expect it to show itself ( in your experiences) in terms of gains

id say week 5-7…kind of like test also.
its not so much about the ester and the drug levels in blood. its more about the processes these drugs start that are not just “being in the blood”… its also the reason why people can go off cold turkey and hold most gains and strenght for like 4-6 weeks even tho their blood would show very low levels of the drugs… its because the processes these drugs start, dont start and stop at the same time as the drug enters or exits the body.
Its kind of like the gains are construction, and the drugs are the workers. The construction doesnt really start as soon as the workers clock in. They change clothes, talk, take a shit, make a coffee. And the construction is also not over just because they stopped the work. All the smells and dirt and dust is still in the air all night, the cement and paint is drying, the foundations are settling or whatever the word for it is, etc even tho the workers are long asleep at their homes.

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My drugs must belong to a union.


Its just that your construction is Trump’s wall…not ment to be :smiley:


that makes perfect sense but what confuses me is the orals , some say you take all of it pre workout to get that instant boost and some say you split it throughout the day so you have continuously have enough levels in your body to trigger tissue response

the way I understand it is that with orals if you take it all at once the diminishing returns kick in fast and boom it’s half life is in and it’s below effacious plasma levels for rest of the day
but if you find the effacious dose (for yourself) you should somewhat keep that level throughout the day for maximum effect
I’m still taking 75mg anadrol split to 3 daily for that reason

I used to believe in that method also, but not anymore. Imma share my toughts and you can say what you think…

When you use oral split through out the day you do get more stable levels, but is it better? Splitting out 75mgs through out the day gives you a steady flow of 25mgs worth. Never more. Only less as time goes buy. By the time of the first half life its half of it. By the next its half of the previous half.
Now when you use whole dose at once, you do get a spike of 75mgs worth. Not 25. So basically three times the spike. What happens after the first half life, when we halve the 75? BOOOM!!! Mind blown, isnt it? Its still fcking MORE than it would be if you started with 25 and just took another 25, right?

But this is just math, and yea, eventually you drop a bit lower. The spike is higher, but at some point it will go lower than an even 25mg dose three times a day BUT… as i mentioned before, its not about the drug in the blood. Its about different effects it does, different pathways it uses, and different response from your body. When you nuke it with 75mgs, all the processes that are NOT about the drug levels in blood, jump much higher, do the work, react much stronger. And when the blood levels drop, its not like the effects stop at the exact time. There are effects of drugs we activate and they remain active for a while.
I see it basically as using explosives. Imagine you need 50mgs worth of explosives to blow up a tank. Now… If you would use 25mgs three times, the tank will withstand it and remain usable. Now when you use 75mgs worth of explosives you blow it to hell and leave a hole in the ground. Its ok that after the explosion you cant make small explosions as they are not necessary - the job is done. The effect of the big dose of explosives did more than 3x25 would so there is no need to continue the bombing with ineffective amounts of explosives. I hope this makes any sense(not a native english speaker).

Plus…when you blood levels fluctuate more, your body doesnt adapt to it so much. I believe that its a case of test also, when you use small doses ED, your SHBG actually is lower, because it can absorb the test with the small amount. When u spike the dose, your body needs more SHBG or some shit.
Basically, lower doses look better in blood, but its NOT about the blood. Drugs activate processes that remain active when the drugs are out. You can take anadrol or dbol or whatever bloats you the most for a week, then skip 2 days… you will still be bloated and you will still have acne(if prone) and you will still have the strenght, even tho bloodwork would say you have none of these drugs in you.

What do you think?

I should’ve been more specific I don’t take anadrol around bedtime so it’s not really ‘that’ split throughout the day, I take one half pill when I wake up, another one half pill an hour before my workout and the last half pill somewhere inbetween before the workout and the morning

Tl;dr I split them between the evening around 8 and the morning around 8 not actually the whole day

So since I don’t split it that much and that anadrol has a pretty long half life ( I’ve read it on MPMD’s website apparently it has one of the longest half lives among orals near 10 hours ) I think (or I feel) it builds up pretty well into my workout, I can kind of feel the fullness and slightly more difficulty bending my elbows because of my biceps( or maybe that’s because I always had shit joint mobility idk it could all be placebo lol)

I’ve tried going upto 150 on the same timing or even taking 100mg of it pre workout and honestly I felt the difference on the latter;
Almost busted my left tricep/elbow trying benching 10kg over my max (had to rack it on the third rep because I could feel it getting marginally worse in every rep but I could swear I had 2 more if it weren’t for that) , got up a little too fast and blacked out , woke up on the ground as it I took a nap in the gym for an hour but it’s been one second apparently, was a bit dizzy for the rest of the workout seeing black spots, I loved how strong I was but I find it hard to justify doing that again lol maybe when I’m going to a meet or something
I’m still strong as shit and full as fuck on the dosing that I’m doing now and feeling much better, I think I found the effacious dosing for me personally ( I’m a medium size 80kg guy at 1,75m tall so meh) and that according to my blood work I can’t even afford to go higher

I do believe that it would be detrimental to split your dosing throughout 24hours if each dose under effacious threshold but I also think taking ALL of the dose at once is detrimental in a diminishing return vs damage comparison.

I feel what you mean on molly, one can sit there and take half pills split all day without rolling or feeling anything but if you just take all of the pill at once, you are getting blasted into the next dimension within half an hour, or if you take 2 or 3 you won’t blast twice or thrice as much and you will cause so much extra unnecessary damage
but of course these drugs are very different and the threshold and diminishing returns are not as sharp on anadrol

maybe though you CAN take all of it once and since the half life of Anadrol is unusually long for orals (supposedly, idk I just took MPMD’s word for it lol) it wont get blasted above the diminshing returns.
these videos are worth mentioning;

I wouldn’t put too much trust on this channel. He is Thomas DeLauer of steroids. If u dont know who that is - you can check him out. He is about fasting and keto and has his every sentence backed with links to studies or science journals and he throws so much scientific terminology at you that he just must be right, right? Alongside good genetics his product he sells is this character that combines good results and so much intelligence he just has to be the smartest man alive. In reality most of the studies people throw around is online bullshit and anyone can publish smth like that. There is such a big amount of info that no one has ever read it all and actually checked as it would take a week to really deep into one of the links.
Anyway, this mpd guy, Vigurous Steve and the skinny dude who has never even worked out(Leo) are just selling people complete BS that has totally no meaning.

There is a saying in my country that is totally what this is about : “scientists have proven that if you say “scientists have proven” people are much more likely to believe anything you say”.

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ok so in your experience do you stop the blast when gains plateu around week 8-9 or do you add a compound and keep blasting because I did the latter and I’m wondering when deca reaches week 5-7 if I’ll gain well from it or not
I’m on week 4 of deca now and test anadrol gains been plateud for a month now

Well… my opinion differs a bit on this also.
What plateaued for you, is the water bloat from test and anadrol. Unless your dosages are too low that you cant gain on them, there is no reason for you to plateau OR…notice it if you eat right.
My last blast was year and a half. I started 220lbs single digit body fat. I ended 260lbs. Cut down, now im 250lbs with a full six pack(all info and pics in my training log) and i actually did not add stuff, but i did drop the stuff while on a blast and i experimented with lowering the doses to see how little can i get away with.

To gain size you, firstly, need to eat. So at my size, since its much harder to gain more on top, i aim for like 1lbs a week. No matter what, this is the weight you gain, no matter the steroids. You see, if you would eat so you gain weight, how do you know your gains plateaued so fast? If the problem is in the drugs, you would still gain weight. It would just be fat. But you wont notice it so soon. You would notice that its fat when its like 15lbs too late, so its at least 15 weeks of constant weight gain, and then you see “shit i weight more but i cant lift more”. So what plateaued for you is the bloat and since you are not eating to gain size, you dont gain weight. The initial weight gain is bloat from test and anadrol, and it will go away as soon as you drop them, so basically its not that you gained and plateaued, its that you just bloated and didnt gain anything so far.
The second thing that helps me is following some strength program, so you have goals to achieve and lifts to complete, so you actually have to focus on training.
So now when i have new PRs to push every 3 weeks, i actually have to train hard all the assistance, and actually eat to gain weight.

Basically the thing is… you are supposed to gain weight no matter if you are natural, on drugs, or any dose. The only way to know you maximize the potential of a blast is to also get a bit chubby and you can get chubby with no drugs. So… even if your doses are too low, you should have still at least gotten fatter every week. If there is at least 2-3 weeks that you didnt gain weight, sadly, the problem is not in the drugs.

I consider changing my blast when i add 20lbs and i didnt gain strength or when i gained 20lbs, cut down and see that i dropped all the 20lbs, which means i ate to gain, but the problem was in the drugs. In your case, the problem is in the food.
Now go gain 20lbs, and lets see how much more you can lift. If nothing, i will agree that next time you need to add smth extra.

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damn I almost thought you knew what you were talking about

Naah you are just confused because by what you are writing i believe your knowledge can be summarized in 1 sentence : “top 10 myths on the internet forums”. Now when something challanges your brain, it gets blown because you rather believe that steroids stop working like 2 weeks after they have finally started working and its ok because most people without pictures might actually support this idea.

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