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My Blood Work Results

i’m 44. i want to do a cycle that combines the quality of life benefits of HRT with some boost to help my bodybuilding. I have some Test E ready to go. Spoke with a trainer today who trainer is very experienced with gear. He told me to do 250mg per week for 8 weeks and have Nolva on hand it i find that i need it. i have mild male pattern baldness because of my age. will this dosage increase it.

i was told by an andropose/endo specialist not to use Finesteride. Have you heard of Dusteride (sp?)–it is supposed to be better. Anyways, please let me know if i’m posting my bloodwork properly. thanks.

Test is 15.3 (M: 8.0 - 38.0 nmol/L)
Free Test 32.1 (25.0 - 80.0 pmol/L)
Bioavailable Test (Calculated): 4.5 (2.2 - 9.7 nmol/L)
Testosterone 12 (3.5 - 23.5 nmol/L

If your test levels are low because of your age, why not talk to your doctor about hormone replacement therapy? It will be legal, and you can get more accurate answers to the questions you asked from a doctor who knows your situation better.