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My Blood Test


KSman, i dont know if you remember me, but this is my last blood test.
30 april 2010

since the last day we talked i left smoke for always, im eating much better now, drink lots of water. and since i saw this blood test i have been drinking adex to get that estradiol down.

Testosterone 262-1500 536
Cortisol 5-25 18.7
DHEA-S 80-560 408
Estradiol 0-56 38.4
Prolactin 2.5-17 16
IGF-1 116-358 302

what do you say about my blood test?


IGF-1 is great.

You need more T, no info here and can’t remember if you are on TRT or natural.

What dose of adex now and what adex dose before this test?

You would probably do better with some dostinex/cabergoline, 0.5mg/week in divided doses. That would probably also improve dopamine and your mood.

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