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My Blood Test. What Do You Think?

Age: 27
Testosterone - Testosterone (F): Results: 11.00 RefRange: 5.80-28.00 nmol/L
Sex Binding Globulin - SHBG (F): Results: 34 RefRange: 13-71 nmol/L
Free Androgen Index - Androgen Free Index (F): Results: 32.4 RefRange: 14.8-94.8

If converted in US numbers (these are numbers from Canada): Test: 317.002 ng/dL SHBG: 979,827 ng/dL Free Androgen Index: 922,190 ng/dL

Urine pH; Urine (F): Results: 5.5 RefRange: 5.0-8.0

My life style:

  • Strict Diet since 2013, everything is weighted, organic, non industrial for the major part, nothing with transfat or sugar, drinking 2L of water everyday when I think about it.
  • Complements such as Zinc, Magnesium, Omega 3, Protein powder Isolat, BCAA.
  • 4 years of strict workout with coaching of 3 years.
  • 4 workout sessions a week from 2012 to august 2017. Now 5 times a week.

My symptoms:

-Deep lack of confidence
-No morning wood
-No sex (living with my 5 years GF)
-Strong social anxiety
-Depression (suicidal in 2012)
-Feeling of helplessness
-Bad temper
-Really easy to get fat (just having a piece of cheese or just a bit more carbs for a meal, and I just eat 30gr of carbs each night for example…)
-Easy to lose muscle
-Almost impossible to get muscle

A pharmacist gave me this a week ago:

-Zinc AG
-Mega Cordyceps
-Relora Plus

He told me to start with Clomid 50mg a day but I am not sure about it.
I am already kinda depressed and I heard it could affect your mood.


For a restart 50mg clomid is insane, low dose (12.5mg EOD) works out well.

Thanks a lot! I will read this before seeing the doctor.

What do you think about my blood test?


you should try to train less, maybe 4 times a week, with pump training 10-20 reps, no big deadlift, big squat or big compount who kill the body ! try to take a walk everyday 30-45 mins !

add vitamine D to your supplementation !

when did your problem start ?