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My Blood Test Results - Self-Medication Without a Doc

What do you think about this?
Everything but cortisol is higher than the last time: No doc in France
I’m 29 and it’s been a year and half since I’ve started.

nice improvement on liver panel.
do you take creatine ? work out ? high protein ? if yes, your ok, just drink a little more water.
if not, drink more water.
think about DHEA and Pregnenolone, it will be the cherry over the cake.

Yes, I do follow a high protein diet, but how did you see any improvement on liver panel?
Don’t you think I’m also having too much estrogen?

I don’t see an estrogen lab. Edit: I see it now, my bad

Your liver enzymes are actually raised. Do you workout and if so did you do so with in a few days of labs? Muscle damage from working out can cause the release of the enzymes into the blood and are nothing to worry about. I believe the raised creatinine can be caused by that also and or creatine supplementation.

Your E2 is above range, but that doesn’t mean much. Do you have any negative side from that? If not, it’s fine. Mine’s higher than that and no issues. IF there are issues, consider doing something about it, it usually runs higher on exogynous test than endogynous.

I don’t believe I have any negative side. I am just scared of having “tits”.
I don’t feel or see anything.

Well, I took a swim and someone told me that I was breathing heavily.
Maybe weird for someone who works out, eats healthy and is 29 years old.
Or maybe that’s nothing.

I would go with “It’s nothing” on that one. No sides, no AI. Gyno is actually rare and unlikely, and you’ll know if you get it.

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