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My blender broke...

It was at a one hour preworkout drink and the bottom cracked and gave way all over the sink… this sucks… no blender… no gas… getting weak… feeling like Richard Simmons… fading to black…

Um…if you put the powder, some water and some ice in a plastic baggie and shake it, it works. Like Shake n Bake.
ps… If that works, let me know. I might have the newest craze in portable protein drinks.
If not, buy a new blender.

buy a new blender

Forget the blender…perm your hair and dance around with fat people on TV, you’ll make millions!

Ever seen the Cyclone? It is the offspring of a vibrator and a shaker. The powder it comes with looks like Crystal Lite. This IS LAZINESS. If ya don’t have the ability to shake a frickin’ glass perhaps you need to rethink your entire life! Ohh… and mi blendar broke right before Gym time… and I am movin’ stateside in two weeks and can’t really accumalate too much stuff… looks like warm MRP’s for me for awhile. OUT HERE.

it blended in god’s domain… and payed the ultimate price

Get a waring blender.

I got one with a stanless steel base, heavy glass container. That is a BAD ASS blender. A man’s blender. No stupid ass multiple speeds you never use. Just low, high, and off. Shit I don’t even have to ever set it on high because low always gets the job done.

Oh, and they carry a 5 year warranty.

Don’t settle for that plastic crap.

Forget the blender. Order yourself a Thunderstick Pro. Damn thing is so powerful it makes my hand numb.

Use a wisk, put it in a big cup with all your powder, put some water or milk in there and then just rotate it back and forth in your palms.

Ever heard of a spoon?

Do yourself a favor and buy a handheld/wand/immersion blender, they are great for shakes, and a snap to clean.

Break out the crazy glue kid! Or… break out the wallet for a new blender!

“to Big D(ummy) Ever heard of a spoon?”

I normally put a handfull of ice, one or two bananas, 3g glutamine, protein, papaya or pineapple and blend an hour and a half before t-time. If you can do this with a spoon… I quit. I MUST be a dummy and just given to your awesome powers. Tell me where you found that damn radioactive spider. I have been trying to mix him with MAG-10 forever! But thanks for the info Spiderman… :rolleyes:

You have a thunder stick? I almost ordered one, but I am always skeptical about those infomercials. How do you like it? Is it worth it? I might have to get one.

ko, I shit you not, the Thunderstick is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I’ll tell you some of my favorite uses so you know I’m not just talking.

First off, it comes with a variety of blades. The "standard" blade is great for shakes and so forth (just GROW! and water) and mixes them in about 3 seconds. The best part, though, is something that's basically a dieter's dream. It comes with an aerating (airating) blade as well, which will allow to turn a 6oz shake into 24oz if you do it long enough. It's great, because it fills you up so well. Additionally, you can add like 4oz water and a scoop of GROW and make some damned good pudding.

I have to say my favorite use is with the "grinding" blade. I absolutely love making my own natural PB. I swear, I just stick the end of the Thunderstick in a freshly opened can of peanuts, and after a minute, instant peanut butter. It's great. The grinding blade is also good if you want to throw ice cubes and fruit in the shake.

Pick one up, you won't regret it. For $50 you can't go wrong.

Woah…when I first saw this thread’s title, I thought you said “My Bladder Broke”

Thanks for the info. Most wand blenders are under powered and only good for shakes. I want something that can puree, without having to buy one of the industrial style ones like I use at work. That sucker is 3’ long, a little much for my kitchen at home, but I could make a 5 gallon bucket of margaritas in a snap…

mmmm… Vita Mix… I think when I finish moving I will look into one of those. I go through too many of the plastic ones. This last one only lasted 3 months. I seen the Vita Mix used to boil water! Hehehe… cool.