My Blast, Stasis, and Taper

History about me;
Reason for AAS: gain mass around my delt as I have been recommened for rotator cuff surgery (AGAIN!), however, having young kids that need me, I can’t afford to be slinged up for 2 to 3 weeks, rehab etc.

Age: 34 years old
Height: 6’2"
Weight currently: 221lbs
Weight pre-cycle: 197lbs

AAS history:
2006: 500mg/wk of test-c for 12 wks
2007: 500mg/wk of test-e for 12 wks

Injuries: rotator cuff surgery '99, violent auto crash in '08, lost all gains from my prev. cycles, became fat, mentally scarred, depressed.

Lifts (havent done 1RM in years, here is my guesstimates): bench-275, squat-290, dead-405

Current cycle: (I am on Week 19)
Wk1-4: 30mg Tbols/ED
Wk1-4: 10mg Dbols/ED

Wk1: 750mg test-e/wk
Wk2-11: 500mg test-ec
Wk1-11: Adex 05mg EOD

Wk12: 250mg test-e/wk
Wk13: 150mg/wk
Wk14: 100mg/wk
Wk15: 100mg/wk
Wk16: 100mg/wk
Wk17: 80mg/wk
Wk18: 60mg/wk
Wk19: 50mg/wk
Wk20: 40mg/wk
Wk21: 30mg/wk
Wk22: 20mg/wk
Wk23: 10mg/wk
Wk24: completely off test, will await a couple of weeks and get bloodwork done

PCT: nolva clomid

As of week 19, weight has stayed the same (maxed out at 221lbs), strength has gone down, but size (to me) is still present, if anything I am probaly slightly leaner (again, in my opinion)

I have officially decided to come off as of now, my last shot date (250mg) was this past Monday (Aug 20th), (Week 11, Day 71 of my cycle) - 250mg/Every Mon & Thu)

So taking this last shot date as Day 0, the start of my PCT.
I tack on 2 weeks of no IM injections nor any SERMS.

So at the start of Week2 of my PCT, I will likely calculate my test levels, either via my GP or a via an online calc. And then start a ‘maintenance’ period of anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Thereafter, I will then commence my taper. However, the amounts of the maintenance/stasis and taper will be determined by my test levels come week2 of PCT.

Also, I have 40 tbols left, where best should I incorporate these? Or should I not bother bother with them at all?

As mentioned I am on week 19, and have reduced my Adex to 0.25mg EOD.

Guys, typically I would wait 2 weeks from my last test-e shot and then start PCT. Howeever, looking at my current cycle, and considering I am on Wk20 and still tapering.

I have questions as to when I would you start the Nol/Clo regimen?
should I start it now (wk20 is 40mg for the week)? or wait til I have completely tapered off, undertake bloodwork and then go from there?

please advise.

Doesnt the desire to use a SERM completely undermine the point of using the stasis/taper in the first place?

True. However, I was reading prisoner’s tapering protocol and he made mention of include SERM(s) right at the end. The day I posted my previous post, I guess I was kinda tripping out about gyno. Instead I upped my Adex very slightly for a couple days and it dissipated.

Currently on Week21 and this week dose is 30mg of test-e.


Hello,i see you run test-e and c. I am of the understanding that except for 1-molecular adjustment in the structure they are basically the (same) They say one is a little more Bio-available,but basically there equal. thanks john

u read prisoners thread but i did it wrong u completely left out the stasis period. after ur last shot of 250 u shoul wait 4 weeks to start the taper from 80mg down