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My Birthday


5:AM - Wake up, make coffee, despair over the Obama section in the paper today.
5:15 Make breakfast - 12 eggs, some whole grain toast.
5:30 Jump the fence to my apartments swimming pool, which dosen't open until 7:AM, but fuck 'em.
6:15 Finish swimming. Head home.
6:20 Get home. Start rocking out to Lamb of God with only a towel on.
7:AM Eat some oatmeal and leftover pork loin while reading "How to Sail around the World."
7:30 Watch some recorded Food Network.
7:31 Decide to make Broiled shark served over a bed of fingerling potatoes, sweet corn, and BBQ sauce, with 2 poached eggs and hollindase sauce. Iced coffee as a side.
7:45 Drive to the grocery store - they open at nine.
7:48 Finish swearing at Publix. Drive home.
8:AM Check T-Nation.
9:AM Go back to publix, buy what is needed to make approximation of afore mentioned dish.
9:30 Yup, it's fucking tasty. Giada, I love you.
9:31 Look for pictures of Giada naked online.
10:00 Go to Sea World to fill out an application for employment. One of the benefits is "Complimentary Beer." Super serial.
11:AM Get to gym, start lifting with brother-in-law who wants to get in shape. We do squats, I make fun of him using the manpon, and deadlift 400 more lbs than him. He gets motivated. Victory!
12:Noon Protein shake, brownies and ice cream.
12:15 Check T-Nation, figure athlete and cracked.com.
1:00 Eat some shredded chicken and veggie stir fried rice. Milk is good.
1:15-2:30 Finish "How to Sail around the World."
2:35 Eat some Honey baked ham-and-cheese sandwiches on wheat with bacon, turkey, tomatoes, spinach, mustard and mayo. More milk to drink.
2:45 Take a nap. Have a weird dream that I'm hunting a mannequin of Carmen San Diego in a grocery store that only has cereal.
3:45 Wake up.
3:50 Have a shake and leftover pizza. Begin reading about nematode infections.
4:01 Swear to get a parasite check to avoid nematode infections.
4:02 Get on Internet to look up nematode infections.
4:45 Close all porn windows.
5: PM Play some conceptual metal and start making Black and Blue Burgers for dinner. (Blacking seasoning on the meat and blue cheese melted on top.)
6:PM Eat burgers. Watch recorded episodes of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."
7:PM Start drinking bourbon and DPS a Naxx raid. (If you know what this means, you're just as guilty.)
7:30 We wipe. Tanks suck.
8:PM We keep wiping. Tanks suck.
8:30 More burbon and some Deadlock for motivation.
9:PM We keep wiping. Tanks suck.
9:01 Raid dissolves. I get no drops. Feeling great from bourbon though. Finish nematode book.
9:15 Eat more chicken and rice mixture.
9:30 Start reading biography of Marcus Aurelius.
9:31 Mind blown.
10:30 Finish biography. Excellent book.
10:35 Eat tub of full-fat, large curd cottage cheese. I really don't see how people don't like this stuff.
10:40 Type up a retardedly long post for T-Nation. Pour another bourbon. Decide this has been a great birthday.


You mean Naxx from vanilla WoW? I don't play it anymore but how do you wipe in a 60 zone when the current limit is lvl80.


Happy birthday!


You read crazy fast?

Happy birthday.


Only thing I got out of his post.


Happy goddamn birthday!
Do it again tomorrow :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday mate!!


Naxx got moved to being a level 80 10-man/25-man raid for level 80's. Tier 7/7.5 drops and all that.


Story, if you're that bored.


To all the birthday wishers, thank you, I do read fast (nerd skills), and everyone has to go deadlift tomorrow or I'll post another one of these recockulous schedules to mess with you!!


Is that an infectious grooves reference?????



Much more satisfying than ridiculous.


I came here to do back ups!!

Happy B'day. Go get a BJ.


Happy Birthday man


How did you prepare the 12 eggs in the morning?

I have never eaten that many; when I was bulking I would do eight scrambled and finally got so sick of stuffing myself with fucking eggs that I just started drinking them raw. It is much easier.




I saw no reference to 'rubbing one out'. Remember your penis-- it's his birthday, too.


Happy Birthday, sugartits!


You're one step closer to death. Later.


that is a fucking great birthday.
your reading ability is straight insane.
the black and blue burgers sound amazing.
I'm not sure what wiping is in the context you used, but whatever.
happy birthday.


happy birthday buddy , hope you dont have a hang over