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My Birthday Workout, 62 Today

Camera angles bad. There was a duo leg press before this but I messed up video. Realize shirt off tacky but trying to show condition for 62 year old ectomorph doing HIT. My version of “best of best “ workout adapted as per dr Darden for 62 year old and incorporating some 301030.

Last 5 minutes blank. Feedback on form etc welcome.


Hi Rick ,
Good to see you still training hard and looking nice and lean.
Overall your technique seems fine.
A little shaky on the negative part of the pullover , and a very short range of movement on the lateral raise (is there a reason for this ?)
Also. I would consider replacing the negative on chins with a single 60 second negative, due to the inevitable time gap between reps which lessens its effectiveness (less so on the dip where you can get into position far more quickly).
I am very envious of the equipment in your gym.
How are you finding the 30-10-30 protocol ?

Mark Houghton

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Hi Ricky,

Impressive! Congratulations! What a way to celebrate! You look great and seem strong for your age! I actually made similar notes as Mark.

The shorter range of motion in lateral raise corresponds to shoulder issues (impingement?). In that case good you only move in the painless area, though I probably would suggest expanders (rubberbands) on shoulders instead, to be able to make variations as well as extend the movement. Should be no problem going slow then. And yes, do give a 60 sec neg a try on chinup. Otherwise I applaud your form in movement! Strict as it should be.


It’s great to see a forum member video tape them selves in action and post it!! So many people talk of what they do but we never see it. Nice job!


Good job, Richard. How are you keeping time of the slow negatives?

Thanks. Normally I use a metronome or a partner with a stopwatch but had lots to do yesterday so counted in my head. (See my lips moving lol)

As for range of motion on lateral raise, I’ve found that for me and my clients, above a certain height, I begin to hunch up and use traps rather than delts. Because of bad camera angle, you can’t see bars of machine which I look to bring only to horizontal. You may also note I’m sitting in machine backwards which actually feels more comfortable on shoulders. Anyone have experience/tips for Hammer lateral raise?

I can try 60 sec negative on chins. I’ve actually done 35-35-35 neg-pos-neg with bw in the past. Also thinking of trying 20-8-20 and seeing if I can get closer to 30-10-30 eventually.

I assume Dr Darden has some thoughts that he will elaborate further on in upcoming book.

Everyone’s help greatly appreciated!

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