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My Birthday Suit


Today is my 22nd birthday. Who wants to buy me a present? I would like to have my weight in Grow! proteins, so if everyone buys me a bottle then we should be in business. The first 102 people to respond to this thread can have the honor.

Biotest will match your contribution.


I don't believe it.

I'd have to see your suit to verify....



Happy Birthday, Jared!



I have seen photos of you and honestly you don't look one day over 21!

Happy Birthday and keep up the great posts on this great site!


Everyone knows you have to iron a birthday suit with a firm set of tits before you can wear it.


Hhmm.... Where can I find a pair of those? Let me look around and ... Oh! Hey! Lookey there, I found some.

Soooo, like I said... I'd have to see the suit to be sure it really is 22 years old.


I think I'd need to see that they're firm enough for a proper birthday suit ironing.


Sounds like a "Mexican standoff".

\|/ 3Toes


You two ah wicked retodded. Use the chat option.

Happy Birthday Jared! Don't worry too much, your day will come. I'm sure you'll finally lose your virginity by 23 :wink: