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My Biosignature Protocol & Paleo Diet Experience

I just got back from my last biosignature and I had my practitioner scratching his head trying to figure out what is going on.

I havent updated today’s results because everything is pretty much the same. Body fat remained at 18.2%, The only thing that went down was my chin to 5 and the Supra (insulin) continues to go up, despite the fact that my carb intake is below 50g a day.

As you can see from my biosig, my first priority was to tackle my Pec. I was put on an aromatisation protocol included the following:

  • High dosages of zinc (4 days)
  • Reserveratol Px (8 days)
  • Uber Sulfurophane (8 days)
  • Dim (8 days)
  • Poly Estro Detox (8 days)
  • Multi Intense Vitams (everyday)
  • Calcium D-Glucarate (Everyday)

In addition to the above, I have been taking the below supplements for the past 3 months daily :

  • 16g Omega 3
  • Ginseng
  • HCL (Digest Force)
  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium

The protocol started on March 12th. As you can see from the biosig, there was a significant drop when I was on the high dosages of Zinc and then everything slowed down and in some cases reversing. I am on my last day of dim and we decided to stop until we figure out what is going on.

From a diet prospective, I started off eating food with a diet center which provided me a gluten free diet (I have celiac), which had a combination of protein, carbs, and fiber (not much fat).

I was then introduced to the Paleo diet. I liked the idea of eating organic, and the nutritious benefits behind it. I also understood that keeping your insulin low would lead to ketosis and use fat as your source of energy.

On March 7th, I stopped the food catering, I took the diet seriously, and focused on organic meat, eggs, fat, veggies, and nuts. I reduced my carb intake below 50g and I saw the results right away, which coincides with the time when i was taking high dosages of zinc. I have been on ketosis for the past month and havent been dropping. I decided last weekend to go for a cheat meal (4 scoops of ice cream) and add more carbs to my daily diet (a handfull of berries at night) and that didnt help.

During the time when things started slowing down, I had a hard time sleeping. I would wake up multiple times during the night, cortisol levels were high, and I didnt understand why. We all assumed that the slow down was due to adrenaline fatigue. So after my biosig on April 2nd, I made it a point to sleep more, added ginseng to my diet, magnesium, and introduced carbs at night and it improved my sleep dramatically. However, that still didnt change anything.

Just to give you a sample of my daily food intake:

  • either 300g of ground beef, with a big chunk of butter or 6 eggs both with a handfull of nuts
  • morning work out
  • whey protein post workout
  • left over beef from the morning for snack
  • Salad for lunch
  • Nuts for snack or meal replacement
  • Salad & handfull of berries
  • 4 liters of water a day.

I work out with my 4 days a week which includes squats, chin ups, and a bit of circuit training (due to my back injury, I cant do a lot of circuit training)

As I am going by the books I have read, whether its on Poliquin’s website or the Paleo Solution, I cant seem to figure out why I am not dropping in body fat…

Check your calorie intake. Low carb doesn’t matter when you still eat more than you expend. And 300g of minced beef sounds like a LOT to me.