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My Biggest Order Yet


Only thing missing is I3G :slight_smile:


Nice stash.

Now I hope you actually train thereby putting those supps to good use.


Oh to have mass disposable income


As oppose to all those level 4s in the Indigo training logs that look like the only lifting they've done in five years is picking up their packages of supps.


Does it cost extra to get the Biotest containers that stick to the wall?


Nah I just want to look cool, imma sit on the couch all day washing down twinkies with MAG-10


Ah! Then you're in the club with RomeoTheMonk.





Hahahahahahahahaha ID that poor guy we probably drove him to the biggest loser in a few years.


LOL! I kinda wish he'd return. Along with SrJoker as his sidekick.


Psh, mine's better.


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All those comments really bother you don't they?

Why not just go in and fucking kill it for the foreseeable future and let the haters fuel your fire?

Some people need a dose of reality, I see it everyday. Whether it be at work, at home or in the gym. Being honest is often harsh. But it isn't a put down, it is an honest observation.

Now I'm not saying this particular case isn't a put down, I don't really care, but not every observation or mention of constructive criticism is a put down. Irrelevant of how "hurtful" a comment may be, sometimes they need to be said, or the individual in question will never change and just keep placating themselves.


What is Indigo?

I knew a stripper named Indigo. Tragic, if they killed her and ground her up into a supplement.

RIP Indigo.


Everyone hates to hear that their baby is ugly, but you know what there are some ugly ass babies out there.

To me if I dont want an honest opinion than I dont put it out there. If I want an honest opinion than I PM Beans. :slight_smile:


and if you want a 3 way with a dead person just pm count rock.


Your supps are sideways.

Just thought you should know. Otherwise, when you take'em, they don't go down right.


I nominate this post...for something. Good stuff.


I do what I can.


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