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My Biggest Fear. Gyno

So of all the possible complications Fumo has to be my biggest fear. I think I have very minor gyno from improper steroid use as a teenager. Just a small bump behind nipples. Now I’m paranoid about developing full out gyno from trt. If my e2 is low is it a possibility? What do I have to watch for? Is some nipple sensitivity or puffiness possible due to high t without it being gyno?

Lol gyno. Not Fumo. Although that sounds pretty scary too

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I have a small lump under my left nipple, I think it’s been there for a long time. I spent 2 months with estrogen in the 70’s and even had burning nipples and I never got gyno.

What about the fear of diseases associated with low testosterone?

To be honest the fear of diseases due to low t is not a major concern for me as A) my T was not severely low and B) I live quite a healthy lifestyle as in good shape and C) have a lot of long lifers in family.
Not to mention occupational exposures mean if I’m going to kick it it’s probably going to be C aquifer fromwork that I don’t have a lot of control of.
So for me gyno and it’s appearance is concerning for me

I have one as well from long time ago. It has shrunk away to nothing nearly.

A number of minor nipple issues on TRT are pretty benign and Gyno isn’t related to TRT, but to abuse of steroids, two different things. IF you’re not having lumps or more apparent nipples issues then you could be reasonably assured it’s just benign.

Sometimes when I start anew protocol, I get tingling sensations on my left nipple, nothing has ever happened. I don’t see you having the same problems on TRT, abuse of steroids can send levels way out of balance.

Are we talking about estrogen? Abuse of aromatising steroids can this issue (some less than others), non aromatising AAS (aside from 19-nors, trenbolone, chloronortestosterone etc) typically don’t cause gynocomastia. They just have the wonderful inclusion of the side effect of destroyed lipids (think stanozolol, oxandrolone, drostanolone impact on lipids vs testosterone, boldenone, nandrolone, aromatising orals like metandienone, although harsh on the lipid profile typically don’t hold a candle to what stanozolol can do.

If you’re sensitive to estrogen, depending on which country you live in, you’re healthcare provider may allow you to trial a non-aromatizable androgen for HRT purposes, I believe you’re options would be mesterolone (non C-17AA), dihydrotestosterone (can get injectable DHT ester) or fluoxymesterone (c17AA, quite toxic). You could ask to trial one on top of a lowered dose of TRT and see how you fair. But be warned the impact on you’re lipid profile will likely be greater

Ive heard that trestolone is fairly innocuous. Thoughts @unreal24278?

Are you talking about as a compound or with regards to causing gyno? Because trenbolone is steroids on steroids, it’s nearly as harsh as it gets for injectable AAS

Trestolone (MENT). In regard to overall health sides.

Oh, derp, I thought you said trenbolone and I was like “what, trenbolone… Innocious, nooopppee”.

Trestolone has very little research with regards to it’s effect on humans. The small amount of data we have suggests it’s exceedingly potent. Given its a 19-nor, we can only ASSUME it’d have similar negative sides to nand and tren with regards to altered neurotransmitters, however given anecdotes this may not be the case. There really isn’t any way to know other than looking at the chemical structure of the drug and saying “well it looks similar to this so it probably acts in a similar way” to potentially know how it’d affect you mentally, to add to it it’s individual as to how these drugs affect you, some people feel great when on nandrolone (such as myself, but haven’t used it in ages), and some become super, super depressed.

Trestolone is 7a-methyl-19 nortestosterone, it’s C17AA counterpart is miblerone (cheque drops, one of the most toxic AAS to ever befall this earth) 7a-17a-methyl-19 nortestosterone.

Aside from that trestolone appears to work over cholesterol (not as bad as tren but significantly worse than test or nand), its estrogenic metabolite 7a methylestradiol appears to be quite potent, and given its (supposed) strong estrogenic and progestogenic nature it should have a high potential to cause gyno, esp in those predisposed. Given its EXTRAORDINARY anabolic and androgenic potency it’s probably a strong agent with regards to stimulating dramatic increases in both strength and muscle mass as well as left ventricular hypertrophy (high binding affinity to AR + high anabolism = LVH)

However side effect wisez it probably isn’t quite as harsh as tren, still not something I’d personally ever venture near


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Thanks for expounding on that man. Good stuff. I have a buddy using it now and when I asked him about sides etc he just kind of shrugged it off and said “It just MENT dude”.