My Big F'in Mouth

Two years ago I am 5’10" 175lbs. with single digit body fat, Think Brad Pitt from Snatch, Ok or at least his Ugly Bald brother. Then I change jobs, change Marital status, and give up all outdoor activity. Now I am 30 years old 200lbs. with around 20% body fat, yes 20%, those are like chick percentages.I still am still lifting 4-5 times a week, have been for 5 years, and have made good gains in strength and muscle, but this belly fat is disgusting. So last Sunday I am at a local bar watching my beloved Chargers when a buddy from my old job sees me and is shocked at the fat pig I have become. Well I set down my buffalo wing, or was it a nacho, and told him if I really wanted to I could get into my old shape in 3 months. He offered to bet me 500 dollars that I couldn’t and if I lose, I wouldn’t owe him a penny. I would however have to show up at my old job in a bra and panty and take him to lunch. Yes,it sounds very Gay when sober I know. So I have found many great diets on this site, and do not need help with that. But, I wanted to add anabolics to the Diet to help preserve the strength and lean muscle I have gained. This I would like help with. Yes I have already read the Steriod Newbie Threads and it will NOT be my first cycle, it will hopefully be my first intelligent cycle with your guys help.

Bushido save Me. Here is my plan for now: Equipose/Winstrol Cycle- 800mg EQ weeks 1 and 2, 400mg weeks 3-10. Winstrol 50mg ED weeks 1-6.

I would love advice on this or any other highly effective cutting cycle. Gaining size is not my goal, 185 and ripped is.I also need advice on PCT for after. Please Knowledge and Experience only, I do not need “I hear BLANK-abol is good for cutting”. Also the more simple the better, I do not yet have a reputable source and would rather not need to order exotic or hard to come by items. Please help, time is ticking, and believe me, nobody wants to see me in that bra and panty.

do a search on this site for Cy Willson’s article called Steroid Dieting
that should help you out a bit.

Your going to be in trouble with no test IMO. Also, EQ is supposed to make you hungry as hell, not the best idea while dieting. EQ will also take a long time to get in your system. Run a 12 weeker with test, and winny if you want, although I dislike the stuff.

The last 6 weeks run 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off with clen and t-3.

Your test dose doesn’t need to be that high, 500 mg a week or so. I would front the first 2 weeks. I hope some of this helps, although you don’t really sound like you know what you are doing.


Eq / Winny should work well, the only problem you may experience would be appetite increase from the EQ. My best cutting cylce was always test prop / tren acetate / winstrol. 50mg of each daily will kick ass, when i was still in teh game so to say i would do 100mg of each daily but i was 290 or so and would cut to about 255 to 260. Masteron works well if you don’t tolerate tren but as you said some things are harder to come by if you don’t have a good source.

and donavan, from somebody currently using EQ,do not even consider using it for a diet. I get hungry within 20 min. following a huge meal. Bushido’s layout above looks good if you have access to all of the compounds. Good luck


I agree with bush. ALso you won’t have to worry about prolactin induced gyno at such a low dose of tren. ALso I’d personally get some letrozole and run it at a lower dose every other day or even every third day just to make sure gyno is not an issue, plus you could use it in your pct to keep estrogen down/get the benefit of increased igf-1 levels. Aside from that probably just nolva would be sufficient for restoring your natural test production.

Second the Bushman and Wideguy but I would not use HOT-ROX and ECA at the same time. One or the other would be fine. I don’t know about you but if I took both my head would explode.
Just curious bushy why would you do T4 instead T3. (I would go with T3 instead T4.)

I read too fast.
Just noticed that bushy had HOT-ROX and ECA on different days. Interesting strategy. I might try that.

Just another suggestion on what bush reccomended with the t3/eca/HOT-ROX stack. WOuld it be a better idea to use the eca and clen stacked together for the first half of the cycle, and then switch over to just HOT-ROX to try to help recover the thyroid gland? I’m just not sure if using one dose of each a day makes any sense since I think (but I could be way off) that the half lives of t3 or t4 and eca and even HOT-ROX is not that long. Dont’ all these things require a cumulative effect type of thing to occur for them to be effective? Just asking cause I’m not certain.

how about.
Test prop/anavar/Clen.

Good point Wideguy.
With ECA the feeling of “jitters” goes away but it should still keep working. With HOT-ROX it was said to work better the longer you take it, but I don’t have any personal long-term experience with it.

T4 is normally taken every day and T3 twice a day by those that are low thyroid. The T3 is twice a day due to it’s much shorter half life.

two links:

Steroid Dieting
Your Guide to Losing Fat While “On”
by Cy Willson


TenMans experience on Steroid Dieting

I wouldn’t take any fatburners/thyroid at all at first, you should lose a lot of fat with a proper diet and then save the pharma for when you slow down. Getting from 20% to 15% will be easy, 15% to 10% will need help.

That might not be bad advice Dave. However this F’ing Big Mouth has a limited amount of time. My opinoin would be if he knows his body well enough to be certain he can drop down to 15% easily/quickly then it would be a good idea. Both for the reason Dave mentioned and because it’s not really that good of and idea (for health reasons) to run gear at that high a bodyfat%, although some might disagree. Anyone?

If this was me I’d use sustanon (500mg/wk) and equipoise (100mg/E3D) for the first 6 weeks, probably including 50mg Dianabol/d for the first 2 weeks. After six weeks, approx. 10 days after the last shot of sus swap over to test prop (100mg/E3D) and winny (50mg/EOD),(this gap will stop any excessive build up, and increase risk of gyno, that would occur going straight onto the prop.).

I’d also include the clen for the last six weeks (2 days on/2 off), although it depends how you feel on it. Alternatively, ECA would be almost as effective, although this also makes me feel like shit.

For the sake of a bet with your buddy I wouldn’t take T3/4, otherwise you may just permanently fu~k up your metabolism

The reason why I’d do it like this. Who cares what you look like for the first 10 weeks. Stopping the sus after six weeks will allow it to get out of your system and the consequential water retention, allowing plenty of time to look your best.

Also, using sus at first won’t break the bank, or make you look like a pin cushion.

Similar cycles have helped me cut for BB comps. in the past over a similar length period, although that’s just me.

Obviously though, diet and cardio are a big must. I’m sure you know this but it doesn’t seem to have been mentioned much. lol

Stay strong and focussed! You surely can’t want to serve him lunch in a bra and panties, CAN YOU?

you screwed up. BUT this can be a good thing.

  1. find a good fat burning program.
  2. find a good diet that you can stick to. the top 30articles of tmag in the archives has a ton of info. you need to count calories now and from now till then.
  3. anabolic androgenic steroids or other exogenous substances should be used when things slow down. your body will respond better to this.
  4. you need bloodwork and a physical before any drug use. get your base test and other levels check if they are in the normal range. there are things that if not in normal are contraindications mean no to drugs. you can still do it naturally.
  5. the majority of advise on drug use here i have seen is ok and mediocore. consdier long term health as well. winny does not have a place in my aas use because it permannaetly weakens tendons, can dry joints out so much you get an injury(especially with the amount fo training you need), it totally screws your blood lipids up worse than anything i know of(meaning affects your health).
  6. there is light supplements, heavy supplements, light steroids and exogenous substances and their are heavy duty substances. using the natural progression of basic supps to heavier ones is worthwhile in my opinion. i know you have a time frame but consider health.

this is my own breakdown and subject to different interpretations
light supps- protein, vitamins, etc.
heavy supps- creatine, no2, etc
light drugs- test, anavar, etc
heavy drug use- gh, t2,t3,t4, dnp,

ok there can be several routes to take.
the natural progression is the wisest small to big.

but i can see this work well after bloodwork and a physical with good results

dnp low to moderate dosage 10days(wk1-2)
tprop 150mg eod wk3-11
anavar 40mg ed wk3-11
post cycle nolvadex/clomid wk12-15

ephedrine/caffeine/yohimbine could be used wk4-6 then off for 2wks switch with lipo6 or something similar with no “ine”
in it. i would just go off all stimulants. so i suggest 2on/2off for several cycles. then the last week to meet your friend you will have peaked and you can use something to remove subcutaneous “WATER”(edit i worte fat) from the skin surface like dandelion root, or something desigend for precontest. you will be shredded sporting atleast a mean four pack.

ok some may argue wtf? dnp to a newb. well it’s a ton better imho than winny.
dnp will create an inferno in him that will burn off 6-12lbs of fat in 10days. then the steroid(gear)use is made to put muscle on his frame and get him shredded as a gymnast. the test will be both androgenic and anabolic adding the base. the propionate base will mean less water retention and allow it to kick in the firt couple of days of use also meaning it will leave the body fast and allow post cycle to be implemented right away the next few days after cessation(meaning easier on the body). someone said use sust. i disagree because of the high aromatization which causes many estrogenic sides. the anavar aka oxandrolone will provide the oral and benefit by strengthening tendons and joints, it will harden the tissue giving a dense look, it will burn bodyfat as indicated by respectable studies.

if you are to do this understand all the risks and how the drugs work so yo need to research instead of being spoon fed. understand in what instances this would be a bad idea and the risk is not worth the reward.