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My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding...


Have you guys seen this show!?!?

It is OUT OF CONTROL! I watched it with my fiance last night and I'm addicted. I've never seen anything like this lol

The guys are all like Brad Pitts character from Snatch. Bare-Knuckle boxing, bargaining on all the prices, living in caravans and lovin dags haha

The girls are getting engaged/married as young as 16, they wear the craziest outfits, they clean the caravan/trailer all day every day even when its spotless... its nuts! These chicks are right up RougeVampires alley hahaha (and I swear they all have huge boobs lol)

Seriously... WTF! Check this show out.

(no homo)


Sounds homo.


Going to check it out in 45 minutes. I'm going to go make some KC tea so I can have a few drinks while I watch this.


it is wild man... Seriously a completely different way of life!


Want to watch must set dvr good reminding

fist bump


Is that the show from over here in the UK?
If so watch out for how many of the husbands and men in general don't want to be identified for 'business' reasons. The show paints them as these kind misunderstood people, but trust me, you never want to cross travellers!


You realise brad pitts character was based on travellers? Not the other way round.

I live in between 3 big gypsy sites and grew up with them. They are everything the show depicts, can't speak for the girls though. Never associated with the traveller girls.

The show caused outrage in the traveller community over here, because it didn't show them in their true light.. which, IME is bollocks.
The majority are scumbags


If that's the UK show, than that is an amazing beyond all words. I reviewed it for my student newspaper haha. It's beyond car crash television.


So for those of you in the UK, what are these guys doing to make all the cash they lay out for one of those weddings? The episode I saw the kid getting married was 19 and working as a goat herder or something.
It is a hilarious program, those girls sure do love their muffin tops!


They don't pay tax and some cheat the welfare system. They also go stealing and shoplifting etc.

This is not all gypsies but some .


Also there are two types of gypsies. There are Romany 'gypsies' who keep themselves to themselves generally and are alright from my experience with them and have their own culture stretching back centuries, and there are Irish 'travellers' who cause most of the trouble. Most of the people you see are the latter. My girlfriend volunteers at a primary school where there are some Irish travellers. They barely turn up, are filthy and once she got threatened by one saying his big brother would come and smash her face in. This was a 4 year old.


They relieve people of their scrap metal.. whether people want to or not! But seriously, they work in the building game, blagging their wat through.


They aren't working a 9-5 put it like that!

A lot of them are 'allegedly' deeply involved in organised crime. There's also all the old scams that they've ran through the years: tarmac-ing your drive, roofing your house (accept once you pay, they never turn up to do the job), selling 'real' rolex watches etc.
I used to work in a pub when at Uni, and about a month before halloween they would send their kids into the pubs, dressed in masks, they would run around create havoc, begging, and using the distraction to lift whatever they could. That would normally go on for the whole month of October.

I actually worked at a number of Gypsy weddings as a barman and also as a dj. The weddings never lasted the duration as they were always stopped due to violence etc. and when the fights kick off, every man and boy there gets involved. I've seen 10 year olds chase after a fight with a broken bottle!
The weddings are very much like they are shown in the show, over the top dresses, loads of neon bridesmaid outfits, and they absolutely love reggae music, which is the thing I never got!!

I can say though that they always treated me well, paid well and were polite, but they certainly are not as 'cute' as that show portrays!



All this time I was under the impression that all of those people watched Snatch, loved Brad Pitts character and decided to model their entire culture after it. Boy was I wrong.


This show is wild! All the girls dress like absolute hookers but are strictly forbidden from having sex before marriage lol... its crazy.

So is it just the show.... or do all these chicks have giant boobs? haha


Yeah, as much as I hate generalising, they do tend to have big boobs, and they make sure they are hanging out. They do dress like that normally as well, its shocking that their extremely religious and conservative on one hand but on the other the women dress like that and the men love crime!


I'm hooked on it too. It's like watching a train wreck. Last night showed more women than men. Maybe they never really show the men. If I had to live the lives those women live who are portrayed on that show, I'd slit my freaking wrists.

"We leave school at 12 because we'll never be doctors or lawyers. We'll all be house wives" It sounds like a life of unrelieved drudgery.


Did anyone see that episode where they showed 'grabbing'? That was pretty fucked up.


Watched two "episodes" on youtube where they were talking to one guy who's retired from being a "successful bare knuckle boxer". The guy looked tough as nails, but he had no scarring on his face and his hands looked normal. Thought that to be odd. They also talked about how most venues won't host gypsy weddings due to the impending violence, and that there are no formal invitations and they just drive around from church to church until they find it. This one dude's dad didn't even know where his son was getting married, so they just drove around until they found it.


Love this show hahahah. all kinds of entertainment. I like the input from you guys who are over there.

greg I too have noticed the boob, I like.

i dont know where they are, but a family friend owns a funeral home by me and they host alllllll the gypsy funerals. they come in fucking hoards its unbelievable and i have no idea where they come from. they all go there since the funeral home is the only one that allows them, so I hear. Also the funeral home must notify the PD ahead of time and they send at least 4 squad cars to the funeral. its madness.

yes ive gone to view one.