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My big ASS

I am leaning down, the problem is I have big ASS!
No it’s not fat! Its big and very hard!
What should I do? I ALWAYS SQUAT-am I going to have to quit & do leg extensions?!

More than likely, it’s just a matter of your genetic make up. Not a whole lot you can do.

A big, strong ass is attractive to women. It shows that you have “thrusting power.” Consider it a good thing. Keep up the squats and lunges.

I too have a great ass that tends to get big with plenty of squats and lunges. But the girls love it.

Hmmm, I too have a big, hard ass. I find that women do find it very attractive, however, I don’t. I have found that doing lots of stiff-leg deadlifts and leg flexion movements have made it somewhat appear smaller as my hams grew.

It depends more on the shape then the size of the ass. And if you got a big ass with muscle the shape should be fine. ( great advice to women too ! )

It also depends on the women you try to get. Every body has their own taste. If a woman you meet only likes atrofied asses… well bad luck, where’s the next woman ?

If you have a big ass, you’re probably an endomorph. Whoever coined that term was probably snickering to himself when he thought of ENDomorph. Regarding what women like, the studies all agree that most women do not like endomorphs because of their feminine proportions. I have a friend who is an endomorph, and the girls always say behind his back, “He’d be cute if he wasn’t shaped like a woman.” The studies say that women are most attracted to men with wide shoulders and narrow hips. But that’s what women in general like. There are exceptions to every rule. Also, personality has a lot to do with acquiring the babes. To try and remedy your problem, my advice to you is to not do lower body exercises - ever. Build up your upper body and try and make your upper to lower body proportion more masculine (i.e. upper body proportionally larger than lower body).

I have the same ‘problem’ (Im an ectomorph) but no matter what, try lowering your bodyfat percentage. It can only help so much, I know, but I don’t think there’s much else you can do without giving up the squat (also will never give that up).

Check out this article:

After reading it I suggested to my training buddy, an ECTOmorph always in search of getting bigger, that his butt was out of porportion with his body a la Jennifer Lopez! After his own feeble attempt attesting the chicks dig it I convienced him (being a chick myself)that: YAH-NOT!

Anyway, he started doing his lunges the Charles Poliquin way, starting doing deeper squats- ass to the grass, and moved his ASS doing interval sprints etc. By adding some cardio, reducing his weight on lunges and squats but doing better technique his butt problems are BEHIND him!

Hope this helps!

Shan, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. My ass stopped its crazy hypertrophy once I starting doing wide stance squats. I prefer them actually, because it feels more natural since I’m a bit tall. So my ass has stopped growing, but I’m not sure that it’s getting smaller… guess I’ll have to grow into it… hehe. (note that I may have dramatized a bit – it’s not as overgrown and freaky as it sounds)

Jason Baran, I don’t agree that this happens only to endomorphs. I am an ectomorph (although, I’m short with small bones), and my ass will grow if I do heavy half squats and tons of lunges. My ass doesn’t get wider, it just goes further back (from more muscle).

And I have a narrow waist, but unfortunately, I don't have wide shoulders. My friends tend to comment on my ass frequently. And right now, it's not even as big as it has been in the past. I have to say it's well-shaped and proportionate, not big as some are complaining.

You can’t shape a muscle- you can make it bigger, smaller, lose the fat on top so you can see it!–That’s it.Sounds genetic to me. Build the rest of your body around your ass. Sounds funny but this might be the ticket. Women have to do this alot ,except they need to improve their upper bodies to ‘match’ their lower. Another option is to “try” to burn it off,Sets of 50-75 might do it but it will also blow the strength of your legs, and more than likely you will lose leg size also. Good luck!!

Being a person with not too wide hips and strong rearward growing glute maximus i would advice myself to grow the erector spinae and hamstrings to even out the proportions. Oh and of course wider shoulders help. If everything fails… become a sumo wrestler and get relieve by smacking small assed guys to the floor and wash their mouths with sand !

Just to refresh everyone about somatotypes, here are the descriptions from the book “Man’s Body”:

“A very endomorphic person would be stocky, with a large, round body, a short thick neck, and short arms and legs with fat upper arms and THIGHS. (An endomorph also normally has considerable body fat - though he would STILL be an endomorph without it.)
A very mesomorphic person would be strongly built, with broad muscular shoulders and chest, very muscular arms and legs, and little body fat. (Other body types can also put on muscle, by body building. But the type they can put on cannot - at least after puberty - turn them into a mesomorph.)
A very ectomorphic person would be tall and thin, with a narrow body, thin arms and legs, little body fat, and stringy muscles.”

I’ve seen a lot of people squat with a wide stance and LOADS of weight and display no quad development at all. I think this is because they sacrifice form for weight or they are just not biomechanically designed for conventional squatting. This is ussually due to an unfavorable ratio of lengths between the femur, tib/fib, and torso. If one is dealt this crappy hand of bone lengths conventional squatting becomes a hip dominant rather than a knee dominant exercise! (You end up using your glutes a lot more because you bend forward too much in order to maintain your balance).Typically these are high waisted people. lf you are biomechanically unsuited for squats the problem will increase if you close down your stance (because that effectively lengthens the femur in the bottom of the movement). One way to increase the quads’ role would be to do “split squats” with a barbell or dumbbells and keeping your back foot on the floor and resting the ball of the foot. The back foot provides you with greater stability thereby allowing you to do the movement in a more upright position. I hope this helps.