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My Big 4 - Front Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press, Chin Ups


After a long hiatus from lifting I’ve come back to lifting for the past few weeks.

This is how my week is currently setup:

MONDAY - Full-body
WEDNESDAY- Full-body
FRIDAY - Full-body
SATURDAY - Strongman Events (Friend wants me to join him on Saturday to do these).
*I do conditioning whenever I can. Try to get in 2-3x a week.

My log: https://forums.t-nation.com/t/from-urkel-to-stefan-with-fs-dl-ohp-chin-ups/

But after really thinking about it I’ve decided I want my “Big 4” to be front squats, deadlifts, overhead press, and chin ups. I personally truly believe these can be the foundation of a great program/strong body.

I was hoping the members here could help me design a 3x a week program to reach these goals.
315 DL
225 FS
135 OHP
15 Chin Ups

My initial thinking is for 12 weeks I do a typical 3x5 LP type program to get myself consistent and then after that switch to either 5/3/1 or some sort of auto regulation type program.

Any tips/ideas would be beneficial.


Use the greyskull LP template. Do presses twice a week and replace bench with a supplemental lift once per week. Do front squats and weighted pull-ups twice per week and deadlift once.


Dude, keep doing what you’ve been doing but stay consistent.

You’re on the right track, you just need to be hitting your training with consistency for a long period of time and eating like a champ.

Those goals are super obtainable with the approach you have been doing, just keep hammering it. Keep it simple.


Thanks man! That’s what I needed to hear! I’ll just keep chipping away!


At that strength level you dont need to ‘design’ anything, just run through a bunch of proven programs off the site and you can make continual progress for a least a couple years. If like full body go through all of Waterburys templates


I would recommend 5/3/1 prioritizing those mentioned lifts but any of the recommendations already given are also great options.