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My Biceps Workout


Haven’t posted in awhile. 52 years old. Ex-comp PL’er. Top 10 for a couple years. 5’10 220lbs. BF hovers between 12-15%. So the problem has always been my biceps. They NEVER get sore and I never have had what I would call a peak, or well defined bicep. I am a pretty experienced lifter at least with the other body parts. I wouldn’t say I have an excessively short biceps muscle so that isn’t the issue. My triceps and shoulders are very developed so maybe that takes away from the appearance of the bicep??

I have used all types of exercises over the years but maybe I am missing something. The only thing I will not do is negatives as I always develop elbow tendonitis which is aggravated by all the pressing I do. So here is my current bicep routine which I will do 2X / week for 3 weeks then I will change up. Also to consider is I am on cycle so I can handle the extra work. Please critique and make suggestions:

Straight Bar Curls

Concentration Curls

Hammer Curls

1 Arm Machine Curls to failure. 2 sets.

Thanks in advance


Look at blasting your forearms for 4-6 weeks with 2 workouts per week.
Training along the lines of:
EZ-bar Reverse curls 3-4x12-15
Cable reverse curls 3-4x12-15
3x timed sets of 30-45 seconds on hammer curls

Give the bi’s a break, stimulate the forearms, and come back to the biceps focus next month.


Thanks batcher. I will give it a go.