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My Bench Hurts My Back


I am talking about the actual bench I lay on, not the movement. It's not a great bench, but it's the only one I have so I have been trying to make it work. The problem is it hurts my shoulder blades when I have weight in my hands because there is very little padding, I might as well just be laying on a piece of wood. Is there anything I can do to fix this or will I have to buy a new bench? I really don't want to shell out $100 or whatever it will cost for a new bench, but this bench sucks.


Try craigslist.


Walk it off.


[quote]artsd wrote:
Try craigslist.[/quote]

or maybe just lay a few towels or blankets on the portion near your shoulders. -_o


Replace the foam with dense rubber foam.


Replace the foam with dense rubber foam.


If you’re looking to fix it on the super-cheap, head to your local dollar store. You can probably find a roll of duct tape and a bunch of kitchen/hand towels. Tape the towels right on top of the existing bench pad for just a bit of cushioning.

Just make sure to add the extra “padding” throughout the entire bench, top to bottom, instead of just at the problem area. Otherwise, you could throw off your form by having an uneven surface.

Also, take this situation as motivation to beef up your back and shoulders. More muscle means less bone squashing into the bench.

And like other said, check Craigslist often and you might find a suitable deal. I don’t know where you are in Nebraska, but:


Get a thicker back?


Grow stronger