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My Belly has Increased Dramatically


M/23/5 11'/178

It has been a week since I started cutting back on food intake and somehow I now look like a pregnant woman! There is some serious fat accumulation in the lower abs. What is the reason? What can I do? And on related note how can I cut back on fat without significantly losing my muscle mass?


Exactly what did you eat yesterday? How is this different from what you used to eat?

Has your weight changed?

Pic of said belly?

And to answer that last question, pretty high protein intake combined with heavy lifting.


My weight has gone down by 2 pounds. I did increase my rice intake.


why did you increase rice?
please write out full diet plan


Seems like a weird way to diet.

I'm thinking bloat, ascites if you really fucked up or extra gas from the change in diet.


Sometimes when I stop eating, I get bloated. It could be all the water and nutrients coming back out of your muscles and getting stuck in your digestive tract which could be attributed to a number of factors. I know that if I ate a large amount of rice without fat or protein while dieting that I would get a nasty bloat. You might just be constipated. Eat more fiber(from veggies), and watch out for the rice if you are dieting.


Why would a grown man of that height want to weigh less than 175lbs?

Of course your belly will stick out if you have no chest.

As far as this topic, it sounds like the OP doesn't understand his own digestion. Someone unaware of issues like constipation probably shouldn't be jumping on strict diet plans they don't really understand.


My diet consists of oatmeal for Breakfast and Indian food thorughout the day. Rotis, curries (made from both grains and vegetables) and rice. I don't eat meat of any kind although milk is ok.


Really doubt if I have ascites or gas though. There are just no symptoms. I just have a very prominent belly that I would like to get rid of and then put on some gains.


Do you even lift?


? ? ?



No troll. I live in India so I don't have much choices in food. And yes I do lift.


This is a bit out of character for me, but I think your on the wrong forum.


I am asking for general newbie advice. This is the forum for that.


Post pics.


This thread is...

a troll thread.


I am not a doctor but this look like protein deficiency to me. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kwashiorkor

If I was you I would sell my computer and buy chickens to get eggs.


Well, your advice is as follows. EAT SOME PROTEIN! Stop eating rice and grains without meat. Eat more meat unless you are strictly vegetarian by religious or moral conviction. In which case, eat eggs, cheese, nuts, and anything else with protein.

Stop eating so many carbohydrates and lift harder.

But without a detailed daily outline of your meals it's really hard to say more than that. Still, you shouldn't need any more than that to get started. Meat and/or other sources of protein at every meal and snack. No meal without protein, and cut the carbohydrates down some.