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My Beginning Dietry


hi just started a diet that i got from the food dr diet book this is what im eating my overall goal is to put some average muscle and bring bf down to 9% im currently between 15%-19%

08:30 - porridge oats reflex protien shake flaxseed with gorji berries
11:30 - 2 oatcakes with peanut butter and 1 apple
14:30 - 2 slices of brown bread toast with turkey breast and strawberries
17:30 - chicken breast brown rice vegetables
20:00 - pre work out protien shake
post work out protien shake

this tends to be the everyday diet except i change chicken with fish and sometimes change the oatcakes to tuna and brown bread althought im nt a big fan of tuna trying to adjust to it at the moment any advice would be great thanx.


Is this a magical diet that allows you to gain muscle while dropping body fat into the single digits? If so, you could make millions selling those gorgi berries.


Unless I am missing something, the level of protein you're consuming is very low. Did you estimate the calories you're eating or use fitday to estimate both calories and macro nutrient level?

Try and give a complete picture - diet + supplements + exercise + weight etc.


pcdude - as i says im a beginner lol
xanderbuild - ill get all the information together and post again so you can have a look thanx


its shit.
what are you doing for training to?


ha thanks for the honesty my training is pretty good as its my kickboxing teacher thats training me my dietry i knw is at least healthy but was just wondering if it would help build muscle as i say im not looking to get BB big just some average muscle. Im new to this site so finding it hard to find dietrys on it so that i could maybe try some out?


Your not just accidentally going to get "BB big". It's going to take at least a year of consistent lifting and eating right to get "average muscle".

You need more calories to get bigger muscles, if your muscles aren't getting bigger you aren't eating enough. It's pretty simple, but not easy.

If you actually ever get to the point of "average muscle" that you want, just keep on doing what your doing and keep food intake the same...then you won't get any bigger. Food pretty much regulates body composition if your training is good.