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My Beginners List of Lifts

okay guys so i took your advice and i hit the gym my morning routine for today was

Example: 4x4 4 sets of 4

Bench: 1st set 135 5 times, 2nd set 145 4 times, and 3rd set 165 t3 times.
Sitting military: 4x8 with 35lb dumbells
Squats: 3x8 225
Curls (standing): 35lb dumbell 3x10
Flies: 3x8 25lb dumbells
Ab Machine: 3x30
Calve Raises Machine: 3x10 w/145lbs

On the Side i take BSN Nitrix Oxide and Creatine but since im going to be trying to bulk i heard that i will need to include a protein powder along with eating like a brute. Im still a little confused on my diet though…

I have now decide to do Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 4 days a week and cardio/mobility at night and during the 5/3/1 throwing in side work outs

Any Imput i will be grateful

Good call not “hitting the needle”.

While that is a judgement call for an individual to make, you would’ve wasted it anyways. With this being your first real routine and no diet knowledge, injecting test would be like gassing up a car and letting sit on idle.

There are many diet plans and strategies out there, I think for you as a beginner and not someone trying to shed that last ounce of fat or what have you, a well balanced diet of whole foods and lots of protein will be good.

I recommend using an energy expenditure calculator to get a basic idea of caloric needs. I won’t link another site but they can be googled easily. Find one accounting for body weight, height, exercise and general activity. Plug in your stats and it will give you an estimate of calories burned, this is your maintenance level. You will need to eat above it to grow. I would suggest starting 500 cals above for a few weeks and see how you’re doing.

Fill your calorie requirements with meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains even if they aren’t trendy. Odds are you aren’t gluten sensitive.

Protein powder is helpful to increase your protein intake for sure but so is beef. Powder is hyped like magic fairy dust but it is just dehydrated milk in most cases. It is excellent if you’re trying to lose weight and maintain muscle as you can keep your protein high while cutting calories but don’t get hung up on it.

Read some nutrition articles, keep the objective of the article in mind as you do though and start learning the why behind the what.

Also, you need to be hitting your back too. Chin ups, row variations, shrugs… and your hamstrings, RDLs, leg curls, glute ham, hypers et cetera.

Good call on doing 5/3/1, it won’t let you down. Don’t go back to the routine you wrote at the top, there’s nothing for back in there!