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My Beginners 5x5

I am beginning powerlifting next month after football ends for something to do instead of sit on my ass. I thought doing this program would be beneficial based on my overall knowledge of lifting weights, but I don’t know much about powerlifitng except the existence of the westside barbell club, and the most important lifts are deads, squat, and bench. Here’s the routine:
Monday- Squat 5x5, Front Squat 3x10, GHR’s 3x10, Calf Raises 4xfailure
Wednesday- Bench 5x5, DB Bench 2x10, CG Bench 3x5, Pulldowns 2x10
Friday- Deads 5x5, Upright Rows 3x6, Hyperextensions 3x12, BB Curls 5x5

Any advice appreciated

Do Westside for Skinny Bastards or go to Elitefts.com and check out the article “Working with the Standard Template” by Jim Wendler and set up your training that way. It will be more beneficial than your current 5x5.

Well, I am not a powerlifting expert. I am simply a newbie to powerlifting after being into bodybuilding style training for quite awhile. I am not one to say one system is better than others or that Westside is best despite the fact that Westside is what I use and I cannot see myself using anything else. I say this because MANY great PLers have not used this system. The Superheavyweight Brad Gillingham does 5x5 as does raw PLer Arthur Jones (not not that Arthur Jones). Look at different systems and see what you like and where you can see yourself with that system. I like Westside simply because it makes the most sense to me and it is a form of training in line with the stressors of everyday life. Hence the term CYBERNETIC periodization.