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My Beginner Story

About 8 months ago or so, I decided to change the way I looked. I messed around of and on for years, never really doing anything except loosing a few pounds.

Like most of you, I started reading everything I could here on T-Nation. The amount of information almost drove me crazy. So what was I supposed to do, total body, a CT split, GVT, HIT, cardio or no cardio? And what about my diet, carbs, no carbs, cycling? It’s alot for anyone, especially when you HAVE to look huge and lean in two months! Well, I started asking a few questions, and was pissed off when the experts here told me, “there is no right program, you have to try and see what works”. Surely there had to be the perfect program and diet.

So, basically I tried every program I read about until I read about another great program. I changed all the time. I also did high carb all the way to no carb. I got almost zero results.

I finally picked a Waterbury program as he seemed the most passionate and the most informed. I did stick with it for a couple months. I got stronger and fatter, but the program is not to blame for the flab or my no-muscles. It just wasn’t the program for me, and I wasn’t eating the right way for me.

After reading alot, I realized that the reason I was skinny and fat at the same time was because and don’t tolerate carbs very well. It all made sense cuz even at my lowest weight, I also had a tire around my waist and too much fat on my ass!

I went on the Anabolic Diet and started dropping fat quick. The good thing is I still ate a bunch of calories. I started picking up a little muscle but I felt I could do better. I’m talking like 3 pounds if you consider that gaining.

A couple months ago I decided to go on a push/pull/legs split. It seemed like a good mix of frequency and recovery, while allowing me to work each muscle group a little more, including some iso exercises.

Now my body is finally transforming! Within the first four weeks I could tell this program was working. I LOOK DIFFERENT! I have a long way to go, but it’s easy to keep going when you see improvement.

The AD is working for me as I have gone from a waist size of 38 to 34. The 34’s are a little snug but I’m getting there.

The workout is also working because my body weight is still the same with the new waist size. It’s easy to see I am leaner. My lifts continue to get heavier.

I do eat big, just not many carbs. I’ll tell ya, for me, carbs go right to fat. I eat lots of meat, cheese, eggs, nuts, protein powder. I use Flameout and ZMA, but my most important supplement, which isn’t really a supplement, is Olive Oil. I use it as a weight gainer. Between meals, I add three tablespoons to my protein shakes. Ends up being about 550 calories and I cant really taste it. On the weekends I get to pretty much eat whatever. Enough of the AD as it has it’s own thread.

Basically what I’m saying is what the experts here say. There really is no perfect routine or diet. Everyone is different. Some respond well to full body, while others do best with splits. It doesn’t mean anyone is wrong, it’s just that everyone is different. So, try until something works, just give it a fair try first.

It’s not what everybody wants to hear, but it’s the truth. The good thing is, when you find the sweet spot, it’s really sweet cuz you get to see yourself begin to change from all the hard work.

So, that’s my story. Oh well.

Good points.
I initially cringed when I opened this thread from the sheer amount of text thinking I would need to parse out the useful tidbits to analyze your routine.
But luckily, no need for that. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yeah, I wasn’t really looking to give details of what I’m doing as people can ask if they want to know. I just see so many posts asking “what should I do?”. I did it to, however, I figured it’s best to learn from peoples’ mistakes, I made a bunch and still am!

I can relate to your post. I’ve tried various diets over the past few years, but nothing really worked. As I learned more about diet and proper nutrition, and all the various programs out there, I said 'what the hell," and started a low-carb diet. The very next day I stumbled onto the Anabolic Diet (which I am amazed I hadn’t seen yet), and adjusted to that.

I’m 9 days in, my pants already feel looser, and I’ve lost about 13 pounds (water weight, I’m sure). I feel better than I ever have before, and have tons more energy.

Bottom line, if other diets aren’t working for you, and you haven’t tried AD yet - give it a whirl!

Not to harp on the AD, but it really is a good diet. The weekend carb up is something to look forward to.

Since my original post, my 34s are not tight anymore, and I’m still the same weight. Obviously I am gaining muscle on this low carb diet. Again, everyone is different. Waiting on my BCAAs from Biotest, hopefully that will really help my growth.


Reading this thread makes me happy.

You can never give too many threads to the AD. Really.

My story is very similar to yours. I’ve tried the v-diet, I’ve tried T-dawg 2.0, I’ve even done the Body-For-Life diet, all carbs and protein (and for me as a TOTAL newb, it wasn’t that bad).

Lifting for me has been more solid, less bouncing around from routine to routine, in large measure because I usually make my own. This resulted in me squatting and Clean-&-Jerking moderately large numbers, but still being kinda fat. Now doing a CW program to the letter. That should change that.

I didn’t lose a lot of fat on the AD adaptation, but I was just coming off HOT-ROX and another diet and eating close to 3800 kcals (I counted). And I didn’t gain fat. Which is the amazing part.

Sorry for the hijack, good to hear of your success. Keep us updated with how well the BCAA’s work.