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My Before & After. First Cycle Advice? Test, Tren, Primabolan

Hi! This is my first post! I am 38 years old. Height 5.8”ish. Weight 70kg.

I started Gym workout in July 17. I was 88kg then.

I want to start my first cycle as well! I will appreciate any guidence! I have bought test p, tren a, primabolin, but I am looking for proper guidence to run my first cycle safely! Cheers!

Can’t give you any advices on cycles - but props to you man!

Good job in losing that fat and getting in shape! :slight_smile:
Continue the good work and keep the spirit up!

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Tren should never be used on a first cycle. Tren shouldn’t really be used at all if you aren’t a competitive athlete or serious, SERIOUS gym goer, you don’t need tren, almost nobody does, tren is like poison in a bottle for some. You said you want to run you’re first cycle safely, to run it safely you need to be educated on how to combat side effects, proper injection protocals etc. You should be educated on the potential long term consequences relating anabolic steroid use, however considering this is one cycle that isn’t really important, as the long term consequences that are more than merely subclinical usually appear over decades and to people who abuse very high doses (and I don’t count anabolic steroid induced hypogonadism a serious consequence, I’m talking primarily about the heart guys, however From one cycle it doesn’t really matter)

Primo is apparently a great drug if you can get legitimate primobolan, but it’s expensive, you’d be better off running testosterone as you get more bang for you’re buck, however if money isn’t an issue then good for you (I know I could afford to run 1000mgs of primo/week if I wanted to, I just don’t think the risks are worth it)

Thirdly, despite tremendous progress, you aren’t exactly ready for anabolic steroids, unless you’re already on TRT I would say this is a bad idea. You have a lot of progress you can still make naturally, what if you don’t bounce back and require trt. Getting trt is a fucking nightmare. Granted I can’t judge here, I wasn’t ready to use AAS and I tried them anyway, made nice progress but now also harber immense and unjustified anxiety about potential health problems I might have caused that I almost definately haven’t caused.

Do you know how to PCT? Why do you want to cycle?


Thank you so much! I am addicted to gym n fitness! I was thinking that I can never be reduced because of my lifestyle. But I trued and Succeeded! :blush: now my next phase started to build some muscles but Its very slow! So thats why I thought to run a safe cycle! Cheers!

Thank you for your advice! I want to cycle to look more athletic! Ok will not use tren in my first cycle! But Will try test p and primabolin. Yes I know pct. A friend from Gym told me about it! Thanks again for your response! :+1:t2::blush:

I applaud you for your progress but… you may want to read unreal’s 3rd paragraph again. You are not ready for a cycle. There is no such thing as a safe cycle, they all have risk.
Do us a favor. Post your current diet and training program here for us. I’m not trying to put you on the spot but until your diet and training is locked in for a while and you have made all the progress you can from that, then only after that you may be ready.
You also need to educate yourself on the gear itself. Just mentioning taking Tren for your first cycle is crazy. Hell I’ve been on for years and I still won’t touch the stuff.


You started working out and losing fat 5 months ago which means you are literally a baby in terms of training, and now you wanna pin some juicy stuff? To each his own I guess

Thank you! yes I am kinda new, just one and half year of work out. Wanted to try testestosteron. as some of my gym friend told me at this age I should use to look more better esthatically! As I was curious so I managed to buy roids but I also do not want to take risk without proper guide to use them. hope you understand!

Some super secret special sechszuan sauce

Vegan, non-GMO, gluten free and most importantly all naturale

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Free or artificial flavours or preservatives

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Well not very supper natural sauce! But wanna give try to testosterone! What do you say??:thinking:


I think given the amount of training you have put in, despite good results, you shouldn’t be using anabolics. Is this a singular cycle? Most people who start cycling end up intoxicated with the results, and then go back for more and more until they end up using so much that it poses a serious risk to their health and longevity (seriously recreational gym rats have no business using like 1.5 GRAMS of test/wk!), considering you wanted to make a trenbologne sandwhich on you’re first cycle I can only assume you’d be the type to do reckless things when it comes to steroid use. The key is responsible use, not abuse, and currently based on the lack of literature (only case reports of deaths, small cohort studies demonstrating potentially serious health consequences from long term use etc) we have no idea exactly what responsible use is.

using steroids because “my gym buddy told me to” is ridiculous, you need to educate yourself on the action of these drugs and how to counteract side effects. I can guarantee these guys (if they’re selling to you) don’t have you’re health and wellbeing in mind.

If you’re certain this is a singular cycle then ehhhhh, won’t do too much harm provided you are absent of an undiagnosed heart defect/condition, the worst case scenario is you don’t bounce back and require TRT for the rest of you’re life

Overall, I don’t reccomend you cycle (but I can’t really reccomend anyone cycles, it’s a personal choice, however for you I do think it’s a bad idea, give it at least another year)

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Yes bro results have been acheived naturally and with the help of supplements.

I was planning to use solo cycle of test prop 100mg per week for just 8 weeks. After that i have no plans to use roids. I am not going to compete in a show.

But as you guys are advising not to use roids. So after reply to my this thread I will not use and will go to build naturally! Please suggest me some gud suppliment to gain more endurance ad strength.
Cheers! :blush:

Good choice!!!

Beta Alanine, Creatine, BCAA’s, good diet, workout routine and sleep schedule

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