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My Beef


Check this out.

I just got 600+ pounds of the leanest, yummiest, organic, free range grass fed beef.

Time to to gain some weight!


When's the bar-b-que?


Every night!


How? Where? How much?


Umm.. Beer too?


That's just beautiful. How much did it run you?


And it was all FREE.

My uncle who owns a cattle ranch overheard me talking about strength training, and he said "Here, have a cow."

That all came from a bunch of cows, but still. What a great score eh.

Best canada day ever.

Good thing I have two freezers!


That is the damn greatest gift ever.


That is incredible! You could sell some of that cheap to T-members.

Shit, put it on ebay and I'll buy some from ya if you can ship it quick and insulated!


WOW. Organic, grass fed.... Freakin' FREE, dammit!!! I am JEALOUS!