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My Beef Stew/Soup Thingo

Recently I made a beef stew/soup concoction, sticking all incredients (basically everything I had left in the fridge) in a pot and simmering til it was all cooked.

600g “5 star” beef mince (20g protein, 8g fat per 100g)
tomato paste
mixed herbs

The broth and vegies tasted amazing. The beef was a little dry and tasteless though. Any guess what went wrong? I’m thinking I either overcooked it or it was a bit to lean to start with.

It is with no exaggeration that I say that I make the best beef stew I’ve ever had.

Here’s my tip to make the beef nice and tender and also allows the whole thing to be cooked in two hours instead of all day.

Brown the meat a bit in a seperate pot with some oil and flour then when it’s browned cover the meat with water about an inch above the meat line and boil on high for about 50 minutes. (you might need to add more water half way)

Then transfer that meat with the water (slightly thickened a bit from the flour) in to the pot you’ll use for the stew. I use a seperate pot because I don’t want any cruddy stuff stuck to the bottom in the actual stew.

Then just add whatever other liquid, veggies, and seasonings you’ll use at that point, bring to a boil and simmer for an hour.

Try cooking your stew/soup in a pressure cooker. The pressure will force the taste into your food and well as tenderize it as if you had slow cooked it the whole time.


Also- use a fattier piece of beef. Fat increases taste and pleasure;)