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My BBB Journal


Here is my BBB journal. I have been doing this workout for quite a while and find it extremely effective.

I am starting a journal here and will try to keep it current. My weight this a.m. was 227.2 first thing on an empty stomach.

I am currently doing ramp 1 and on week 2. Sets are 4 sets per bodypart and 90 second rest between sets. ( I am doing the six day version 1 workout per day )

Here is what I did today: Delts, tris, legs, abs

Delts- seated machine laterals 125x15, 125x13, 120x12, 110x14
tris-closegrip benches 225x15, 225x 15, 225x12, 215x15
Squats- 3 warmups ( 135x15, 225x10, 315x6, ) 375x15, 375x12, 345x14, 335x 14
abs-hanging leg raises 3x15

no cardio today

good workout- felt strong and well rested. Tomorrow is chest,back, biceps, calves

Plan is to do the whole workout end to end for the next 18 weeks!



Just got back from the gym. Today I did chest, back , biceps, calves

chest- Hammer bench Press 1x12x245, 1x12x245, 1x10x240, 1x11x240

back- hammer high rows 1x12x250 ( ez ) 1x12x260, 1x12x270, 1x10x270

biceps- ez bar curls- 1x12x120, 1x12x130, 1x11x130, 1x10x130

calves- seated calf raises- 1x180x13, 1x180x12, 1x180x10, 1x170x10

all sets done with 90 seconds rest between sets. I Felt really strong today hopefully a sign of things to come!

Will do Delts, tris, legs an abs tomorrow



Good to see you got a log here for the BBB. Keep it up man!


Did delts, tris, legs, and abs today . 4sets each 90 seconds rest between sets, Here is what I did:

delts- smith machine presses to the front 1x215x10, 1x205x11, 1x205x9, 1x195x10

tris- tricep rope extensions ( behind head ) 1x130x11, 1x130x10, 1x120x10, 1x120x10

legs- leg curls- 1x130x10, 1x130x9, 1x120x11, 1x120x10

abs- crunches- 3x15

cardio 30 minutes on the treadmill. 3.4 mph incline set at 4

Good workout, legs were sore at first but better after the cardio. Chest, back, biceps, calves tomorrow. Imay also have to add delts and tris since my gym is closed this Saturday for the 4th. We'll see how I feel.



I have today off for work so I got up and hit the gym early. Here is what I did:

chest - Inclines on Smith Machine- 1x245x10, 1x245x9, 1x235x10, 1x235x9

back-Pulldowns 1x230x10, 1x230x10, 1x220x9, 1x220x8

delts- hammer shoulder press- 1x270x9, 1x270x8, 1x250x11, 1x250x 10

biceps- db curls 1x55x8, 1x55x7, 1x50x8, 1x45x10

triceps- dips 1xbw plus 45lb plate x10, 1xbw +45lb x 9, 1x bw x 11, 1x bw x 12

calves - standing calf raises 1x240x12, 1x250x 10, 1x250x 10, 1x260x 9

90 Sseconds rest between all sets

Feeling really good and had a really intense workout- felt great!

I added delts and tris since my gym is closed tomorrow. I will start the third week of ramp one on Monday-



Hey man, good to see your keeping track, but I would strongly suggest you look over this workout.


Not sure what you mean. I have been doing this workout for awhile with really good results.



mmm, I guess whatever works for you, It just seems like a fullbody workout, which I dont like :P, but if its working for you who can complain right?



There's over 10 people from T-Nation doing it now, there's nothing wrong with what he is doing.


And best of luck Pars though must be 2nd nature to you now :slight_smile:


Welcome to the BBB team pars!

Keep an eye out for other BBB logs around here, some good ones to follow.

Lift hard.


You're lifting significantly more weight than I am. Keep up the good work!


Grand for ye lol i have to divide everything by 2.2 to get your weights :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Burst!

Good to see so many guys doing BBB! I am following along with the other logs and will chime in if I have anything intelligent to offer ( ha-ha )

I have week 3 next week so I will be lifting hard for sure!



Today marks the beginning of week 3. Five sets of everything and 90 seconds rest between sets. I will use jump sets this week for chest and back primarily. Here is what I did today:

chest- smith machine inclines 1x245x14, 1x245x 13, 1x235x10

jump to back

hammer iso rows 1x250x15 (ez ) 1x270x 14, 1x270x13

jump back to chest 1x235x15!, 1x235x12

back to rows 1x270x15, 1x270x14!

biceps- machine preacher curls 1x90x15, 1x90x13, 1x90x13, 1x90x13, 1x90x12 ( great pump )

calves -seated calve raises - 1x140x15, 1x140x15, 1x140x13, 1x140x12, 1x140x12

great workout! felt tired afterward though- I didn't eat alot today so that might be part of the reason. But I did have some great PR's on the hammer rows!

Tomorrow is delts, tris, legs and abs -5 sets and 90 seconds rest between all sets.



Today's workout: Delts, Tris, Legs, abs

Delts- Seated Machine Laterals 120x14, 120x 13, 110x 15, 110x13, 110x12

triceps- rope extensions 1x135x14, 1x135x11, 1x120x15, 1x120x14, 1x125x15

Legs- forgot my belt so did Hacks 1x270x 15, 1x270x13, 1x250 x12, 1x250 x13, 1x 180 x15

abs - hanging leg raises 5x15

90 seconds rest between all sets.

Great workout- hacks were tough! I usually don't do them but might from now on - we'll see!



Great looking log man. Are you doing the 4 way split? If so, I'm def going to bookmark this for some motivation, your numbers are solid.



Thanks Bone- Nope - I am doing the six day version -The four day gets too long on Thursday and Friday for me- but I have done well on it in the past when work forces me to cut back. Still, given a choice I like the six day best ( for me )



Woke up today with really sore legs form Hacks yesterday- more sore than usual. Went to the gym of course for Chest, Back, biceps and calves. Here is what I did:

Chest-Hammer Bench Press 1x 245x12, 1x245x10, 1x230x10,

jump to back

Back- Pulldowns 1x240x10, 1x240x9, 1x230x11,

jump back to chest 1x230x11, 1x230x10

jump back to back 1x230x12, 1x230x10

biceps- ez bar curls 1x120x10, 1x120x9, 1x 100x12, 1x100x13, 1x100x9

seated calve raise 1x180x 10 , 1x180x 10, 1x160x12, 1x160x10, 1x160x10

Good workout today great pump in my arms and back. Jump sets are working out well for me. My appetite is starting to take off again too-



Left work early today and headed straight to the gym. I did Delts, Triceps, Legs, and abs. Here is what I did:

Delts- Seated presses to the front on Smith Machine 1x215x12, 1x215x10, 1x205x10, 1x205x9, 1x200x10

Triceps- close grip bench press 1z230x10, 1x230x8, 1x220x10, 1x205x11, 1x205x10

Legs- Leg curls 1x130x10, 1x130x10, 1x120x9, 1x110x9, 1x100x11 ( legs still sore from Hacks! )

Abs- hanging leg raised 3x15
crunches 2x15

Good workout - I felt really tired all day but seemed to pick up when I got to the gym. I can't wait til next week when I start SuperGrowth Phase 1. I always do well with long rest periods and lower reps.

Upper back and chest starting to fill out some. Arms are slowly looking better but should come around in the next couple of weeks.

Weight is 233.5 this a.m. on an empty stomcach - so I am up about 5-6 pounds so far. Gotta watch it though as I tend to get carried away and get too much in the wrong places!

Chest, back, biceps and calves on tap for tomorrow!