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My BBB 3 Month Challenge Log


Just finished Beyond 1.1 and 1.2 a few weeks ago. Really enjoyed them.


Thursday 11th Oct - Cycle 3 - Week 3

Military Press - 75% - 42.5 kg x 5
- 85% - 47.5 kg x 3
- 95% - 52.5 kg x 3 (PR)

BBB - Bench Press - 70%

62.5 kg x 10
62.5 kg x 10
62.5 kg x 10
62.5 kg x 10
62.5 kg x 9 (15 sec rest then 3 more)

Bodyweight chin ups

x 12
x 10
x 9
x 8
x 8
x 6

Wow I was literally 1 rep short of the full 5x10 on bench this week lol

On set 5 I hit 9 reps … so I racked the barbell for 15 seconds and banged out 3 more …

My main 531 lift of the day was epic … I hit a huge PR for 3 reps on the final set …

Overall a brilliant session … even if the BBB bench was 1 rep short.

Just one more workout to go … I’m really looking forward to getting back to some basic 531 … this 70% BBB is absolutely gruelling


For Press, I can barely get through BBB @ 60%, and my TM is only 125. It’s been working though. Good lifting.


Friday 12th oct - cycle 3 - week 3

Deadlift - 75% - 142.5 kg x 5
- 85% - 162.5 kg x 3
- 95% - 180 kg x 2

BBB - Squats - 70%

77.5 kg x 10
77.5 kg x 10
77.5 kg x 10
77.5 kg x 10
77.5 kg x 10

I can proudly say that I have now completed the BBB 3 month challenge…

Today was the final session and everything went well … deadlift felt very powerful with good bar speed and the BBB squats were just as good as last week … I think I actually managed to get through it a bit quicker this week though…

I feel absolutely shattered and have certainly earned my deload week …

I’ll post up a detailed review and results thread later if anyone is interested…


Doing BBB right now with 50% for my 5x10 work - and keeping it at 50% for the cycle. I think I’d get wrecked with anything heavier!


I thought I would get destroyed as well … but as long as your eating well and following the plan properly without any extra fluff you will build up a tolerance to the workload …

Also don’t be afraid to take long rests between sets … in my 70% month I was literally taking about 5 minutes and longer between sets …

You might lose a few friends in the gym if they are waiting to use the squat rack or bench though lol


I did the BBB challenge earlier this year using 50% - so I felt comfortable returning to that familiar territory for a few end-of-year BBB cycles. I also do PR sets and Jokers, which probably factor in there a bit …

But your points on eating and rest periods are very well taken. I’ve been eating AND resting too little all year. Working on improving both now.


I do 5 x 5 @ FSL with Squat. 5 x 10 @ FSL would be brutal. Especially on “requisite reps only” days. I did widowmaker sets for one cycle, and the highest rep squat set I did is 190 x 21. I got a splitting headache at rep 17. I ultimately kept getting headaches during my ultra-high-rep sets, so I cut the FSL work to 5 x 5 and just supersetted my chins with my squats. No rest in between either exercise, barring 10-15 seconds towards the end. It works for me! I’ve been breaking PRs left and right recently. I pull just one set @ FSL of 10 for Deadlifts, and I’ve been progressing with this as well. I find that BBB works a whole lot better with my upper body lifts, just because it’s less taxing on the whole body. Surprisingly, I’m also doing some form of back work 4x per week. I did 10 pronated grip pull-ups without much of a sweat today. I’m sitting at a BW of 175 and I broke a PR I set when I was 193 a few months ago.


What accessories do you select when doing same lift for main sets and supplemental? Would you mind sharing your setup?


Minimal. Just the antagonistic lift 5x10 and I superset band pull aparts or face pulls with every work set of main lift. So for bench day I super set the 5x10 bench with 5x10 DB rows etc. For lower days i only do band work and then some abs as I do power cleans prior to squats and have been recently doing Hang Power cleans before deads.

Doing 5/3/1 Power Cleans, 5/3/1 Squats plus 5x10 squats with 100-200 reps of band pull aparts is a religious experience and I don’t feel like I need anything more.