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My Bastardized TM

I’m recovering from a knee injury, so I can’t squat or DL heavy. Heck, I’m currently only goblet squatting about 25 lbs… at least I don’t have to warm-up, right?

However, my bench and OHP have run about as far as LP will take them, so I moved on to the Texas Method to keep them going.

In any event, my work tends to go like this on both volume and intensity days:

5-8 minute elliptical
Bench or OHP as prescribed by the program
Hamstring work (was GHR and Reverse Hypers, now pretty much just RDL for 2x8-12 or leg curls for 4-8x3)
Knee rehab (squats, lunges, leg extension)
Chins, Pulls, or Rows
extensive stretching

Depending on the day (not light or before intensity), I may include DB Supine rolls, back hyper-extensions, or ab work for assistance. I am also walking an hour a day.

First, do you guys think this will work for the upper body, considering how squat-driven the TM is?

Second, I was thinking that, since I’m squatting so light and not even DLing, instead of just doing squats, I could do complexes for a while and focus on fat-loss (I’ve gained 10 lbs of mostly fat, up to 255, recently). Seem like it will work? It does fit in w/ the TM conditioning criteria of under 12 minutes conditioning, while still building my knee strength.

I would need to tweak a few calories out of the diet, which may interrupt my upper body gains. Conversely, I could put upper body into maintenance, which I’m weary about because of the quick drop in strength following stopping LP. What do you advise?

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t apply the TM programming to upper body only work - obviously programming for knee rehab is going to be significantly different. It wouldn’t net the full intended effect of TM, but you should be able to progress on the upper body lifts regardless of what you’re doing from the waist down - if anything I would think recovery might be easier given the lower CNS demand from not doing heavy squats and deads. What type of knee injury do you have? Do you actually have a rehab protocol, or are you just “taking it easy”?

thanks for the response.

I pulled my quad tendon.
I do have a protocol, but it’s more like “chose from these exercises every other day, add weight, if it feels fine next day, continue adding weight.”