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My Basketball In-Season Log

This is my In-Season Basketball strength training log. I figured I could just post a log here, for several reasons:

  1. To give some people inspiration on how you could work out during the season, not to only maintain but to actually gain muscle and strength

  2. To give others a starting point on how to train during the season

  3. To f****** gain back the strength I lost.

To my person: I am a 5’9’’, 157 LB (8.8%BF) Combo guard, playing in germany. I play for two different teams, one team in a mens league and one team in the U19 Pro League.

I am really into strength training and athletic training. My best bench ever was 225x3, best trap bar deadlift 365x1 and my best squat 300x1. Now somehow my bench and squat numbers (i posted about this/i don’t deadlift during the season), have gone down. So I decided instead of taking it easy during the season and “just” maintain, I want to gain. I want to get back to where I was and then some!

My regular season goes at least until march, so we will se what happens.

Enjoy reading and don’t wait to ask questions or make suggestions.

Current stats (as of october 1st, 2007):

Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 157
Body fat: 8.8%
Bench Press: 90kg (~198LB) x 1
Squat: 130kg (~287LB) x 1
Age: 18

Today was the first strength training workout.

I did the following:

Max-Effort Bench Press, target weight 75kgx5
Blackburns, 5kg, hold each position 20secs.
SLS, 3x8 w/ 32.5kg db’s, 35kg db’s and 37.5kg db’s
Barbell Rows w/ 60kgx12, 70kgx10, 80kgx10
DB Shrugs w/60kgx12, 60kgx12, 80kgx12
Ab Circuit w/ Sprinter Sit-Ups, V-Ups, Toe Touches, Hip Thrusts x20x2

Next Strength Workout on Thursday (Focus on Squats).

I don’t know if it is important, but today I had Basketball practice.

I did about 25 minutes of mobility drills couple hours before.

Felt good.

Today I had another off-day. I only did some mobility work. Felt very good.

Another Off-Day, my beloved mobility work took place. Plus I had basketball practice at night.

Friday, I had a Squat day.
Worked up to 80% of max and did 3x3 with 80-85% of my max. Then some DB Benches, rear delt flyes and some lateral raises. After that I did some 45 Degree Hyperextensions holding a plate.

Saturday I static stretched, and had basketball practice. Tomorrow we have a big game coming up.