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My barbell free leg workout

Hi Guys, my current gym has no olympic bars so I can do no squats or deadlifts. Basically I’ve started doing a giants sets. I do King deadlifts, DB lunges and single leg presses. I start with the left leg, do the required reps then move to the right leg and do the same, then move to the next exercise. I go thru 3 times, pausing to vomit between sets!
Any I could add or change spring to mind?

either buy an olympic set or join a different gym if possible.

what kind of gym doesnt have a bar you can squat or deadlift with. are you telling me that your gym doesnt have benches with a bar you can bench with? if your gym only has machines you are never going to see the results you want

Try doing cleans and snatchs with your dumbbells, its a tough wotkout. Read up on Brooks Kubrick ( I don’t know if it’s spelled right) he’s a dino and reallllllly old school. Lots of heavy dumbbell use.

Read the first part of Ian Kings Limping series, heaps in there, also go to intensitymagazine.com/02-26-02/ and you will see an article by Mike Mahler on one legged squats they are a real stud exercise.

The gym has no bars at all. The gym I normally go to has been closed for refurbishment so I’m stuck with the machine and DB gym until the summer. I live in a small town in the uk so there is not much choice in gyms. At the moment its not that much of an issue as I’ve got a rotator injury so I’m only training arms, abs and legs. After doing the workout at the top of the thread my hams and glutes are killing me today!