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My Back Workout


Hey guys i just wanna put my back workout here to hear your opinions about it

Deadlift 5*5

pull ups 3*12

close-grip pull down 4*12

dumbell row 4*15-12-10-8

T-bar 3*12



Main idea is allright, but you don’t need so many assistance movements. Do this:

DL 5x5
Chins 3 sets
Rows (preferably db, but do anything you like) 50 total reps

PS. I assume you have progression for the deadlift.


Looks perfectly fine to me

I think back needs quite a few exercises, if you think about it people have no problem with someone doing 3 chest exercises, 3 shoulder exercises. So the front muscularity is okay to have 6 exercises despite being pretty small muscle groups, but your big old complex back can only do a few?

Give it a go and see how you go, some people respond really well to more volume for back with a variety of exercises and grips.

It also depends on how you have been currently training, what kinda results that achieved and what your goals are. And as mentioned above, progression is key.


From my perspective anyone who starts a thread in the beginners category is better be doing less movements at first. In other words - beginners should not be doing 6 different pressing movements either.

It may be flawed perspective for some people, but isnt everything…


Agreed buddy, didn’t notice this was in beginners as I just press latest posts. For a beginner i agree with you as it’s much easier to track progression and learn the basic principles.

for someone a little further along a higher volume back routine can work wonders.


That’s a lot of volume

F the rows entirely


i have been training for about 1 year now
my curent deadlfit max 231lb , i started this program https://www.t-nation.com/training/simple-deadlift-program to improve my deadlift
now i’m in my second week .


the t-bar rows are kinda redundant after the dumbbell yins. I’d swap them for face pulls.