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My Back Physiology/Development


Hey guys. Just wondering what's going on with my back physiology. Is this simply posing technique which is creating the strange distribution of muscle in my middle back (lower trap/rhomboid) or have I only been training the lower part of the middle back? Any input/assistance is greatly appreciated;


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Depends on your training for back, we have no idea how your working it plus your also lacking mass.


Currently doing the HP mass program. Before that it would be once or twice a week involving Chins, Pendlay Rows, DB rows, lat pull downs, rear delt flyes. I know I'm lacking mass! Just got off a huge cut where I dropped about 2 stone, so just starting to put on some weight again.


Firstly, I assume you know that you have a LOT more mass to gain until you start worrying about anything physique-wise.

Next, on topic, I don't know what the HP mass program is but if you're worried about your lats being outbalanced (I assume) it's because you're not utilizing exercises or lifting in a way that allows you to actually get a good mind-muscle connection. Lats are one of the tricky muscles for people, and until you really understand what it's like to get a good lat pump/exercise, it's tough to get any kind of legitimate development.


Yeah, I've just started to get the lats really 'feeling' the pump, it has taken a long, long time. I think my training is coming along really well now though, to be fair. I am only just starting my first weight-gaining session ever, really; was always a fatboy. Eating in a caloric surplus definitely just adds fat onto my frame with limited muscle gain, all around the hips, stomach and chest. Legs are very lean. Thanks for your advice.


I find one of the best lat developers for me has been weighted chins and pullups without thumbs gripped around the bar. Im not big by any lengths of the imagination but i am very, very wide due to my back :slight_smile: